Glass Closet Doors

Although some people think of hiding items in the closet cabinet, others believe that displaying items in the closet is a better idea. Glass closet cabinet doors from Marco Closets can add an entirely new dimension to your clothing storage. Available in clear glass, frosted glass and patterned glass, the cabinet doors in a walk-in closet from Marco Closets can add elegance, and display and store your accessories and clothing in style.

Combining Elements To Fit Your Needs

As with all of our custom closets, combining elements to create a truly personalized space is our specialty. In this example, cabinets with glass doors were installed over drawer units.  Some of our drawers are lined with plush to protect jewelry and other precious items that need special care. Locking drawers are also available.

The elegant look of this closet is accented with recessed lighting inside the closet cabinet.  The same lighting is also used over the hanging rod section of the closet.

Marco’s closet doors and cabinets are available in many styles. There are 42 color and finish options to complement your home decor and personal taste.

If affordable elegance is what you’re looking for, Marco Closets should be your first and only phone call. We offer free consultation, free measuring and free design. Call Marco Closets today for a free quote: 402.778.5777. Start planning your elegant closet doors and cabinet today.

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The Convenience of Motorized Shades

The science fiction films of the last century promised many marvelous inventions. With the wave of a hand, you could do just about anything. While most of those inventions haven’t made it to market, motorized window shades are a 21st-Century reality. Using a remote control or a phone app, motorized shades can be raised or lowered with a pinky finger.

The lift cord is eliminated with a motorized window shade. For this reason, they are ideal for those who are concerned about child and pet safety. Windows that are difficult to reach and large windows are also perfect candidates for this option.

Media rooms and bathrooms are great locations for motorized shades, too. Adjusting light and privacy is nearly effortless.

Beyond that, programming your shades to raise and lower at different times of day can make it look like you’re home when you’re really on vacation. One Marco Shutters customer used this technique when visiting their second home in China.  From the outside, it looked like they had never left the country.

A rechargeable battery can power these shades, and they can also be hard-wired.

Call Marco Shutters today to find out how motorized shades can bring more easy living to  your home. Consultation and measuring are free, so why not call today: (402) 778-5818.

Find more inspiration in our Gallery.