We Have A Motor For That


Beautiful, wide windows can expand your living space and bring the outdoors inside. Wonderful as they are, there are times when you want to cover them to control light, for privacy or energy savings.  These shades can be very heavy, though. The traditional cord and pulley system for raising and lowering shades for wide windows is so last-century!

Thankfully, modern, motorized shades for these special windows come to the rescue, easily lifting and lowering a shade, and opening and closing the louvers on specialty shades, such as Lafayette’s Allure®  Transitional Shades.  Motorized shades are a great option when there is more than one shade in the room. They also work well for those who don’t want to lift a finger! Remote operation allows you to raise and lower all of your shades easily at the same time. And, for hard-to-reach shades, shades for windows that are high on the wall,  or behind furniture, a motorized shade is hard to beat.

See Our Motorized Shades In Action!

Traditional wiring can power motorized shades. But there’s a better option – technology now takes ease even further with an option that has a special rechargeable battery that lasts for 500 cycles. For those who want to avoid the expense of having an electrician install power for each shade, this is the perfect choice.

Available for Allure® Transitional Shades, the battery for this motor is hidden inside, camouflaging its presence. Maintenance is easy. There’s no climbing up a ladder to pull out the old battery and replace it. Instead, you simply clip in a wire, plug into a nearby outlet for a couple of hours and you’re done.

We’ve talked about motor options. Now, let’s talk about the type of shades that can be motorized. The Lafayette Allure® Transitional Shades offered by Marco Shutters aren’t a sheer, and aren’t a blind. They are the best of both. Sheer fabric between the vanes makes them the definitive interior decorating element.

Traditional roller shades are available in many widths, from 18″ to 96″ and lengths from 36″ to 219″. Light filtering shades are available in eight shades, including White, Eggshell and Ebony. Blackout shades come in five shades, including Eggshell and Dark Gray. Screens – which are semi-sheer roller shades – are available in seven shades, which include Charcoal/Gray.

Whichever roller shade style you choose, we have a motor for that. Call today to get your free quote. Measuring is always free. You can reach us at (402) 778-5818, or stop by our showroom at 707 N. Frontier Road Papillion, NE.

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Living the Island Life

Walk-in closets have come a long way from being cavernous spaces with hanging rods at different heights. Today’s walk-in closet has those rods, but often has a closet island. Closet islands offer unique opportunities to organize your clothing and streamline your daily routine, offering more places for everything, so everything can be in its place.

A closet island is endlessly flexible. Many people use them to eliminate a dresser from their bedrooms.

Closet islands often feature divided drawers to store socks, drawers to store underwear, and bulky clothing like sweaters and winter gear, or anything else. There are even cedar-lined drawers for woolen items. Shelves can be used; they can be open or installed behind cabinet doors. Slide out shelves are also offered.

For those with boundary issues, a closet island can provide well-defined his-and-hers storage spaces.

Jewelry drawers, lined with flocking, can be fitted with locks for safekeeping valuables. The security-minded can take comfort knowing that a safe can also be installed in the island. Is there anything a closet island can’t do? Really, we think nearly every walk-in closet should have a closet island.

The standard height of a closet island is 40-45 inches, and the width can be dictated by the drawer sizes you want to use and the closet space available. Islands can be single or double-sided, depending on your closet dimensions and budget.

Are you ready to live the island life? Call Marco Closets today for your free quote. Design is always free.  We’ll help you make sense of your space, and create a peaceful, organized space for you to begin and end each day. Reach us at 402.778.5777.

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