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What’s In That Closet?d

Oh. My. Goodness. Now that we’ve all been home for several weeks and have had our routines upended, it’s time to take stock. What’s going on in the kids’ bedrooms?  How’s that home office working out for you? And what’s going on in the pantry? What’s working and not working? We have solutions for your […]

Making a Statement

Shutters for Large Windows There’s nothing like a large window to make a statement. Large windows give large views. Whether it’s the lake, the golf course, or the rolling hills of a country view, a large window brings the outdoors inside.  But, large windows need to be covered, and that’s where Marco Shutters shines. Marco’s […]

Marco Makeover: Pantry With Adjustable Shelving

In this Marco Pantry Makeover, we expanded the storage space and made it more efficient, too. Our customer wanted her pantry to be more attractive. Take a look and see what you think. Before: Though many things were stored here, there was wasted space in the shelves. Because the shelves were fixed and couldn’t be […]

The White Direction

White Plantation Shutters can add direction to your home decor.  The white of the shutters instantly brightens a room. And, the shutter louvers direct light – adding more or less light as the situation requires. White painted shutters invite you to look up. When painted the same shade as the window casing, shutters direct the […]

They Call It a Mudroom For a Reason

Let’s face it: It can be sloppy outside. The last thing you want is to let the sloppy come inside. A Marco Closets mudroom is the perfect solution for keeping messy shoes and wet clothing in one place – and not  draped over doorknobs or on the back of dining room chairs, dripping on your […]

The “Little Black Dress” of Home Décor

White painted shutters are the “little black dress” of home decor.  Their clean lines complement any color scheme. White doesn’t compete with other colors… it makes other colors pop. You might say that white painted shutters are like the best friend who always notices what you’re wearing and is generous with a compliment. White plantation […]

Don’t Give Up

Most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions before January 21.  If your resolution was to become more organized, don’t admit defeat. Marco Closets has a solution for that. Our 360-Degree Closet Organizer and closet accessories can make closet chaos vanish. Marco Closets is the only local distributor of the 360-Degree Closet Organizer. It’s […]

Marco Makeover: A Working Closet

Marco Closets customer Katie Starks, a lifestyle blogger, recently contacted us about creating her dream closet. Katie is popular on Instagram, shooting photos and recording her videos in her “Cloffice” or Closet Office. Katie needed attractive storage space for her shoes and clothes. Adjustable hanging space and slanted shoe storage were high on the list […]

Custom Barn Doors

Marco Shutters is pleased to announce that we’re now offering Custom Barn Doors to enhance your home decor. The Barn Door style has opened up new options for interior spaces. They can be used to close off rooms and closets. Smaller Custom Barn Doors can be used over windows. More practical than pocket doors or […]

Glass Closet Doors

Although some people think of hiding items in the closet cabinet, others believe that displaying items in the closet is a better idea. Glass closet cabinet doors from Marco Closets can add an entirely new dimension to your clothing storage. Available in clear glass, frosted glass and patterned glass, the cabinet doors in a walk-in […]