Marco Closets created this barista's pantry

The Barista’s Pantry

Some people don’t just “like” coffee, they love coffee. They love coffee so much that they need not only counter space, but a custom storage space for coffee making components.  Fortunately, Marco Closets has a solution for that: the barista’s pantry.

Inside this new pantry, we created a place for the homeowner’s espresso machine. We didn’t stop there.

We added more custom storage spaces. The drawers contain K Cups (for the other coffee equipment stored elsewhere in the kitchen). There’s also space for coffee beans on the shelves to the right, making this a true barista’s pantry.

Additional drawer space is available for kitchen utensils, seasonings and mixes.

Marco Closets Made This Barista's PantryBeyond that, adjustable shelves make room for canisters, storage jars and large cooking utensils. Boxes and mixes have plenty of space, and there’s even room for a cookbook or two. Corner space isn’t wasted. Curved shelving makes these spaces accessible and usable.

Down below, water bottles are stored on the floor. This is handy if filtered water is required for a smoother java jolt.

This is just one example of the way we customize storage throughout a home, whether you need a barista’s pantry or something else. We help you make sense of your space by providing a place for everything that’s truly important to you.  Whether its storage space for your coffee avocation or tall storage jars, we listen and provide a truly custom storage solution.

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