Bring In the Sunshine

French Doors can be a beautiful addition to your home. Bringing the outdoors in, French Doors can be a bridge from a patio to a family room, or a basement to an outdoor recreation area. Light and air flow easily through open French Doors, adding a freshness to the room.  But at certain times of the year, there is too much light, and possibly even too much cold or heat.

Shuttered French Doors can come to your rescue. With wide slats of finished wood, the shutters lie flat against the glass, keeping heat indoors in winter, and filtering the sunlight when the doors allow in too much light. Mounted against the glass, shutters are closely fitted and won’t fly out of place when the door is opened or closed.

An added bonus is that French Door shutters can match those on your other windows, making the look of your room cohesive and complimentary. The added benefit of privacy also makes these a great investment.

If you’re thinking of French Doors, think of Marco Shutters. Call us today 402.778.5777 to find the perfect shuttered French Doors for your home.