Taking the Wider View

That beautiful view from the living room of your country house is fabulous! I can see it from here. But perhaps that’s the problem. Very large windows are great from the inside. For privacy or energy savings, an uncovered window can be an issue. So, what are the options? Read more

Softening Summer Sunlight

As the days get longer and the temperature rises, many people want the feel of the outdoors without the high energy bills that can accompany glaring sunlight. Allure roller shades by Lafayette can be the perfect solution. Their unique construction allows for light filtering that’s easily controlled. Read more

Silent Shades

A patio door is lovely, but blocking direct sunlight from such a large expanse of glass can be a challenge, especially during the host summer months. Read more

Wood Blinds Could Be Putting Money In Your Pocket

We don’t often think of home decor elements as energy savers, but that’s exactly what wood blinds do. Read more

Extreme Decorating

Q: What happens when you have a 184” wide roller shade that will not fit into an elevator or in the stairwell? Read more