They Call It a Mudroom For a Reason

Let’s face it: It can be sloppy outside. The last thing you want is to let the sloppy come inside. A Marco Closets mudroom is the perfect solution for keeping messy shoes and wet clothing in one place – and not  draped over doorknobs or on the back of dining room chairs, dripping on your carpet.

Mudrooms were designed to keep your entryway neat and tidy. Having a place to hang wet coats and jackets, and to sit down to remove dirty shoes corrals the mess. If you have pets, muddy paws can be cleaned off before your dog walks across the kitchen floor you just washed. Mud and dirt stay in one area. Your home stays cleaner because soil and wet clothing never enter the main part of the house.

Mudrooms are clutter eliminators

Adding storage baskets for gloves and cubbies for shoes and boots adds a place for everything, so everything can be in its place. A mudroom area also cuts down on morning chaos. No more looking for coats and backpacks – they are in plain sight with a well-organized  storage space like this one. Sports equipment can also be stored in the cabinets above the hanging area. Adding storage like this not only makes for a more attractive home, it can also add to your home’s value.

If the mudroom is near the laundry room, all the better. It’s a short trip to the washer and dryer. No one likes to pick up a pile of dirty, wet jackets. They can be tossed right into the washer – and the job is done.

A Marco Closets mudroom gives you more than just a place to sit to put on your shoes or a place to hang up coats. You’ll have organization, convenience and less stress. (Those are included at no charge.)

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