Custom Paint Matching Enhances Your Decor

When you decorated your home, most likely you put a lot of thought into the color scheme and the atmosphere you wanted to create in each room. With our custom paint match service, there’s no reason why your shutters can’t be part of the decorating plan.

All of our shutter shapes – Arch Tops, Sunburst, Octagon, Slanted Top, Eyebrow, Circle, Hexagon and more – can be custom-matched to your color palette. At Marco Shutters, your plantation shutters, French Doors and bypass doors can be painted to complement your decor.

Because our shutters are manufactured in our own factory, we have complete control over the process, and because they’re made locally, you won’t have to pay freight charges.

How do we do it? The window treatments by Marco Shutters are truly custom-made in every respect. Since they can be had in any size and in any shape, each shutter must be individually created and assembled. Assembly is done by hand, with old fashioned hand fitting and alignment.

As many as four coats of finish are carefully applied. The surface is hand sanded; we inspect the shutter elements between each coat. Shutters are then air-dried to ensure each coat is fully dry. We know that quality and craftsmanship can’t be rushed.

Call us today to find out how we can enhance the interior of your home with custom color-matched shutters: (402) 778-5818.