Mudroom Organization

Making Sense of Your Drop Zone

School is now in full swing. With the hustle and bustle of after-school activities and other goings-on, it’s easy to accumulate a collection of backpacks and other items inside the door that your family uses most often.

Without an organization system, chaos can occur. Where did that homework land? Whoops – that sports uniform needs to be washed for tomorrow’s practice. And, oh my goodness, what’s that smell? Could it be a forgotten tuna sandwich that slipped out of someone’s backpack?

A storage solution like the drop zone pictured here can tame that chaos. Each person can have a defined space for coats and jackets, shoes and backpacks. A drawer in each space keeps items like mittens organized and easily accessible for that surprise snowfall that comes when the weather turns.

What would it be like if you never heard the words, “Where is my (homework) (jacket) (left shoe),” again? If you’d like to tame your drop zone, call Marco Closets at 402.778.5777 today. We have a solution for that!