Shutters Are A Cool Idea

The cost to cool or heat your home can be daunting when there are weather extremes. The record-breaking 100-degree heat we had this summer may have broken a few piggy banks. So, what can be done to reduce energy consumption, besides changing the thermostat?

Shutters, especially those made of wood, can act as an insulating factor. Plantation shutters, with their wide wood louvers, are not only aesthetically pleasing, they can also have an R value of 2.77 to 3.17, according to the Smart Energy Alliance. Because shutters fit tightly in the window frame, the wood blocks the heat transfer into the room when shutters are closed.

If you have premium vinyl windows with double-pane glass and a low-E coating, this doubles the insulating factor of the window. Of course, if shutters are closed, exterior light is blocked, but turning on a lamp may be preferable to a hot room, especially if you are using LED light bulbs, which also release less heat than standard incandescent bulbs.

The same is true when it’s cold outside: closed shutters can block winter winds and keep the room cozy while the snow is blowing outside.

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