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Smart Allure

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Beautiful Allure® Transitional Shades look good in every part of your home. Whether you need privacy in your dressing room, or to filter light in your home office, the style and utility of these shades is hard to beat.

Allure’s vane panels slide past one another to control light, offering the maximum in flexibility of light control without bulkiness or clattering panels. Whether you want a lot of light or a little, you can completely customize the light level with these fabric shades.

Many colors and patterns are available. Classic and contemporary styles are offered to match any decorating style. A valance can also be added to create a polished look.

Safe and Smart

Allure® Transitional Shades are more than just beautiful window coverings. For those who are concerned about safety for children and pets, the Allure Accu-Rise Cordless System has earned Best for Kids Certification. There are no cords, so you can feel confident that a cord won’t be a danger or an attractive hazard for little hands. Ask us about all of the Best For Kids lifting options we offer.

Allure® Transitional Shades also work well in a Smart Home environment. We offer a range of motorization options to fit both your budget and your lifestyle. Allure’s Auto-Wand offers easy lift control with the push of a button and is battery operated. There’s even an EZ-Charge Remote Control that offers control at the push of a button from anywhere in the room. And, this remote control is rechargeable for long-lasting usage.

Marco Shutters also offers other options that allow for motorized control compatible with Alexa, or with an app on a smart device.

No matter what your window size, Marco Shutters has an Allure® Transitional Shade that will work in any room. Call us today for your free consultation and free quote: (402) 778-5818. Measuring is always free.


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We Have A Motor For That


Beautiful, wide windows can expand your living space and bring the outdoors inside. Wonderful as they are, there are times when you want to cover them to control light, for privacy or energy savings.  These shades can be very heavy, though. The traditional cord and pulley system for raising and lowering shades for wide windows is so last-century!

Thankfully, modern, motorized shades for these special windows come to the rescue, easily lifting and lowering a shade, and opening and closing the louvers on specialty shades, such as Lafayette’s Allure®  Transitional Shades.  Motorized shades are a great option when there is more than one shade in the room. They also work well for those who don’t want to lift a finger! Remote operation allows you to raise and lower all of your shades easily at the same time. And, for hard-to-reach shades, shades for windows that are high on the wall,  or behind furniture, a motorized shade is hard to beat.

See Our Motorized Shades In Action!

Traditional wiring can power motorized shades. But there’s a better option – technology now takes ease even further with an option that has a special rechargeable battery that lasts for 500 cycles. For those who want to avoid the expense of having an electrician install power for each shade, this is the perfect choice.

Available for Allure® Transitional Shades, the battery for this motor is hidden inside, camouflaging its presence. Maintenance is easy. There’s no climbing up a ladder to pull out the old battery and replace it. Instead, you simply clip in a wire, plug into a nearby outlet for a couple of hours and you’re done.

We’ve talked about motor options. Now, let’s talk about the type of shades that can be motorized. The Lafayette Allure® Transitional Shades offered by Marco Shutters aren’t a sheer, and aren’t a blind. They are the best of both. Sheer fabric between the vanes makes them the definitive interior decorating element.

Traditional roller shades are available in many widths, from 18″ to 96″ and lengths from 36″ to 219″. Light filtering shades are available in eight shades, including White, Eggshell and Ebony. Blackout shades come in five shades, including Eggshell and Dark Gray. Screens – which are semi-sheer roller shades – are available in seven shades, which include Charcoal/Gray.

Whichever roller shade style you choose, we have a motor for that. Call today to get your free quote. Measuring is always free. You can reach us at (402) 778-5818, or stop by our showroom at 707 N. Frontier Road Papillion, NE.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our Gallery.

Lighten Up

After weeks of limited outside contact, our homes have become not only sanctuaries, but offices, gyms and school rooms. As we near the end of some of the Directed Health Measures, it’s time to lighten up.  Let us elevate your home decor with custom window coverings from Marco Shutters. Best of all, during the month of May, you may qualify for a special discount.

One popular way to lighten up is with painted wood indoor shutters like these, that allow light to come in while maintaining privacy. All Marco Shutters, whether stained or painted, have a hidden tilt rod that allows them to be effortlessly adjusted to control light.

Once you adjust the louvers to the perfect position, they stay in place without slipping or shifting. Because great style doesn’t just come in one size, Marco Shutters offers louvers in widths of 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5”. They are nearly maintenance-free and come with a 20-year warranty.

We can also lighten up your decor with transitional shades. These classic window coverings come in neutral sheer fabric on each side of colored vanes. Opened vanes gently veil light. When fully closed, the vanes diffuse light. Options are available for complete privacy with blackout material. Available in several colors and fabric choices, there is an option for nearly any color scheme.

Real wood blinds and faux wood blinds are also available to accent your decor in style. Wood blinds come in a variety of paints and stains and wood species.  Slat widths are available in 1″, 2″ & 2 1/2″ sizes, as well as cordless options. Solid or decorative cotton tapes are offered. And, they have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

As you can see, there are many ways to lighten up with our custom window coverings. But, why call us? Marco Shutters is a locally-owned business – not a franchise – and your continued support helps our local economy thrive! We’re committed to sourcing everything we use from local suppliers and from manufacturers in the United States. The support of those who’ve been our customers in the past is important to us, which is why we’re offering a 10% discount as a thank you to repeat customers now through May 31, 2020. Mention code LocalNow10 when you call us at (402) 778-5818.

View our Gallery for more uplifting inspiration!

Safety in Shades

Being home for an extended period of time can bring a new perspective. Instead of rushing through the living room, now you have an opportunity to really look at what’s there. The fresh new light of springtime can be beautiful. Or perhaps, you find the light a little strong and in need of filtering. Allure® Transitional Shades from Marco Shutters could be the perfect solution.

Patterned Shades Add Texture and InterestAllure® Transitional Shades provide the privacy of a window shade with the softened view of a sheer curtain. Available in more than 20 colors and patterns, you can have the look of a blind, or select a patterned design to add interest and texture to your decor.

Keeping Safety In Mind

If you’re concerned about the little ones at home and their safety, Allure® Transitional Shades from Marco Shutters also have a cordless option. There’s nothing to tangle with in this shade style. Easily raise or lower the shade with a gentle touch.

For larger windows or simply for the sake of convenience, motorized operation is also an option for Marco Shutters window shades.

Using a remote control, you can easily open and close the shades. But, if a remote is too old-school for you, Amazon Alexa or phone apps can also control your shades’ operation.

Fabric choices vary from sheer to complete light blocking. Beauty blends with privacy, allowing you to go from light filtering to total room darkening. Vanes come in various widths, and an impressive selection of fabric types offers many options to complement your decor and personal style.

Browse our Gallery or our Allure Shades pages to find inspiration. Then call us for a free quote: (402) 778-5818.

We are especially sensitive to the health of our customers and employees during this time. We’re following CDC Guidelines to ensure that you and your family are protected. Find out more here.

We’re thankful to our repeat customers who allow us to keep our team working during this time!

Photography on this page courtesy of Lafayette Interior Fashions.

That Window Is Flirting With You

Did that window just wink at you? I think it did. Someone with motorized Allure Shades lowered their window shade – just a bit – to catch your attention.

And it worked, didn’t it?  Made you look! Window shades can be playful, sheer, geometric, and yes – even flirty. The Lafayette Allure® Transitional Shades offered by Marco Shutters aren’t just a sheer, and aren’t just a blind. They are the best of both. Sheer fabric between the vanes makes them the ultimate interior decorating element.

They’re available in many types of fabric, colors, patterns and solids. With this type of selection, these shades will complement any decorating style. There are also options for arched windows.


How do they work? The shades can be moved up and down like any other shade. The shade louvers can be adjusted to control the level of light. Simply lift the shade and it locks into place. Motorized options are also available. For a large window, this is essential, but motorized shades are convenient, too. These can even be controlled with Amazon’s Alexa.

Call Marco Shutters at  (402) 778-5818 to find out more. We offer free measuring and free consultation.


A Peek Behind the Shades

With today’s wide window styles, shades that cover a large of expanse of glass can be heavy. In the olden days, a cord and pulley system moved a shade up and down and controlled the light. Today, motorized shades come to the rescue, easily lifting and lowering a shade and opening and closing the louvers on nearly any size window. Read more

Softening Summer Sunlight

As the days get longer and the temperature rises, many people want the feel of the outdoors without the high energy bills that can accompany glaring sunlight. Allure roller shades by Lafayette can be the perfect solution. Their unique construction allows for light filtering that’s easily controlled. Read more