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The Hidden Bedroom

Now through November 30, 2020, we’re offering a free soft-close drawer upgrade on any wall bed or closet installation.

What if you could have the extra bedroom you want without expensive construction? Whether you need room for a guest, to give your teenager a space of their own, or for any other reason, a wall bed provides the perfect solution. Up and out of the way when not needed, the bed is hidden away, preserving floor space and ease of movement in the room.Open Wall Bed in Home Office

A home office like this becomes a convenient bedroom with a fold-down bed behind those double doors. A wall bed can come in twin, double and queen sizes. Twin beds have one door on the storage unit, while Queen and Full have two doors. Wall beds can fold out toward the center of a room, or laterally – parallel with the wall.

Beautiful As A Bedroom or An Office

There are many options for cabinet configurations with our wall bed systems. Open shelves, cabinets with glass doors, pull-out and fold-down shelves are just a few of the many options available.

Side View - Wall BedYou can see how under-cabinet lighting and pull-out shelves make this space as inviting and comfortable as a regular bedroom. The cabinet and shelf options available ensure that there can be space for files and for important papers, as well as a small hanging closet for clothing and drawers for sweaters and jeans. The configuration options are endless!

Wall beds from Marco Closets come in 30 colors and in glossy and satin finishes. Our collection of hardware and lighting options ensures that you will find a wall bed system that will match your decorating style.

As an extra bonus from now through November 30, 2020, we’re offering a free soft-close drawer upgrade on any wall bed or closet installation.

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The End

And just like that: Summer was over. It was 95 degrees one day and 53 degrees the next. Yes, there could be a 90-degree day sometime in November. Until then, it’d be a good idea to put those tank tops, sandals and cut-offs in storage. That’s just the problem – where are you going to store them? Marco has a solution for that: we have many clothing storage ideas for off-season items.

Overhead Shelving

Overhead Garage Storage

Garage Closets

Wardrobe in Garage

Marco Closets takes a creative approach to making sense of your seasonal clothing storage. We have put a wardrobe closet in a garage, where clothes can hang until the temperatures change. Overhead garage storage racks can also be used for clothing storage bins and boxes.

Marco Closets has pull-down rods to increase storage area

A Pull-Down Rod Maximizes Storage Space

Expanding storage space in an existing closet can be done by adding a closet rod higher in the closet. Our pull-down rod makes it easy to reach the clothing up there – pull down the rod and swap one season’s clothing for another. Poof! Your closet is up-to-date again.

We have also created hallway wardrobes for storing seasonal bedding, outerwear and footwear. And if you want storage that will do double-duty, a wall bed system can provide storage space while also providing a comfortable bed to fold down for those out-of-town guests.


Child's room Organization

Storage Plus a Guest Bed

There’s no need to cram all of your clothes into the closet and hope that you can find a sweater when you need it. Jamming all of your clothes together makes for wrinkled shirts and frustrating mornings.

Call Marco Closets today at 402.778.5777. We offer free consultation, free design and free measuring. You have nothing to lose except frustration. Don’t wait – call today!

Where Will Uncle Lewis Sleep?

It’s not too early to think about where to put holiday guests.  If you don’t have a formal guest room, we have the perfect solution – a wall bed. Your home office or lower level can do double duty, turning into a guest room when needed. Read more

The Bed in the Wall

There was a time when many small or studio apartments had Murphy Beds… the type of bed that folds away and is stored in a wall unit.  Many comedy sketches from early 1900s films featured Murphy Beds as a comic element. But the fact that we can talk about them today shows that they are still popular and useful. Read more