Mary Modica

I hired Mike Herman and Marco Closets and Storage to repurpose several closets in our home this spring. Four were on our main floor and two were upstairs in my bedroom suite. Mike came and measured for the job himself, making sure to discuss with me what each closet was going to be used for. The downstairs closets were installed first since the bedroom remodel had not been completed. Three of the closets were the same, shelves on one side and a large double hanging area on the other. In my daughter’s bathroom closet which had been a traditional walkin with two rods of hanging before, now was turned into a combination of shelves, baskets and double rod hanging to maximize the space and minimize the waste. She was very happy with the outcome. Upstairs I had one closet that was very deep. We put in a large rolling shelf along with several standard shelves to add storage space for towels and linens. But the real feat was what I consider my master closet which essentially had 13 areas of wall space to fill. It is shaped like an L and now has 2 spaces for longer hanging items, 2 areas with double hanging rods for shorter items like pants and shirts. We put in 4 hampers instead of the 2 we originally talked about on one wall and on the other half we added a wall of drawers (10) with 6 shelves on top perfect for those items you’re not sure where to put. On the back wall it was all shelves (7) with a cut out for the electrical box, divided into thirds. On the last wall there was 9 shelves that were divided in half which I put 3 pairs of shoes on, 6 per shelf. The bottom part of the L is a door that can be used to reach the furnace. The installers arrived on time and were very professional. They moved a rod and shelf that were set too low and moved a valet rod (one that slides in and out) to a more accessible place. I felt that Mike really listen to what I said to make the closet as functional as possible. He emailed computer images that provided several angles so I could visualize the area more accurately and add accessories to best suit my needs. I would definitely hire Mike and his installers again when another opportunity presents itself. They are both knowledgeable and professional.