White Painted Shutters with Hidden Tilt Rod

The Invisible Support Option: Hidden Tilt Rods

White Painted Shutters With Center RodThe louvers do all the work on custom indoor shutters:  They move up and down to filter light, and must stay in place once adjusted.  A tilt rod is  the controller, moving the louvers to the desired position and keeping them there.

Many times, the tilt rod is in the center of the shutter panel. Easy to use, it’s also visible. It’s a classic look that is both functional and beautiful.

However, if your window has a wide sweeping view, you may wish the tilt rods were invisible. Marco Shutters has granted your wish with its invisible support option that uses a hidden tilt rod.

Invisible Support for Custom Indoor ShuttersWith this invisible support system, the hidden tilt rod has been moved from the front and center to the back and sides of each shutter panel, allowing the tilt bar stay out of sight. Marco’s superior construction includes special features that increase joint strength. They ensure that louvers stay at whatever tilt angle is set. Our shutters are built with our unique louver pins that eliminate tensioning.

Another advantage of hidden tilt rods is that it’s much easier to clean the louvers, since there’s no center rod to hinder dusting the shutter panel.

The hidden tilt rod is available on all styles of our custom indoor shutters – painted plantation shutters and stained plantation shutters. We offer louver in 2 1/2”, 3 1/2”, and 4 1/2” widths. We have a custom matching service for painted shutters. And, if stained shutters are your style, we can match wood species and stain to your specifications.

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