White Plantation Shutters

The White Direction

White Plantation Shutters can add direction to your home decor.  The white of the shutters instantly brightens a room. And, the shutter louvers direct light – adding more or less light as the situation requires.

White painted shutters invite you to look up. When painted the same shade as the window casing, shutters direct the eye up toward the ceiling, making a room look larger and more open.

Marco Shutters’ custom paint matching service ensures that there’s unity between the paint on your shutters and the tone of white used elsewhere in the room. We offer 15 shades of white in our standard color palette, too.

Shutters are crisp and clean from the outside, too.If you’re looking for a classic impression from both the exterior and the interior of your home, white shutters add a crisp and sophisticated look that’s always in fashion. Their uncluttered manners complement any style of interior decor without looking flashy or competing with your style.

And, white plantation shutters save energy, keeping out cold and summer sun, and making a room more comfortable by helping to maintain the ideal temperature. They direct more of your hard-earned money back into your wallet and away from higher utility bills.

Because our shutters have a 20-year guarantee, your wallet will be happy for years to come.

With louvers made of American hardwood, white plantation shutters add privacy. Adjustable louvers   and our hidden tilt rods allow for precise control. You can create your own retreat from the world by adding as much light and privacy as needed to create your own fortress of relaxation.

Because privacy and light control don’t come in just one size, Marco Shutters offers louvers in widths of 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5”.

There’s no reason to resist going in the direction of white plantation shutters. Call Marco Shutters today for your free quote: (402) 778-5818.

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