Reach in Closet

Why your home needs a custom reach-in closet

A custom-built reach-in closet can be a convenient and valuable addition to virtually any master bedroom. Closets make efficient use of your home’s space, allowing you to eliminate clutter and enhance the visual appeal of your interior.

There are many reasons to install a custom reach-in closet in your home. Here are just a few:

You’ll create more space in your room

First and foremost, the main objective of a reach-in closet is to make efficient use of space. Closets can be customized for any room in your house, optimizing your space with shelving and drawers to accommodate each item in your wardrobe. Closets can even be outfitted with customized hangers and cabinets to fit your lifestyle.

With a custom reach-in closet from Marco, you’ll finally be able to put away that growing pile of laundry in the corner of your bedroom. You’ll still have to do the laundry first, though.

You’ll increase the value of your home

When a realtor presents a home to prospective buyers, they tend to spend a good deal of time showcasing custom closets and storage spaces, because they know custom closets are a big selling point. In fact, many home-seekers place custom closets high on their list of priorities. In other words, any money you put into your custom closet can easily be refunded later if you plan on selling your home in the future.

A custom closet makes it easier to coordinate your outfit

Closets, unlike drawers and chests, have the advantage of being vertically oriented, and they make use of clothing hangers. Therefore, your outfits will all be organized in a neat, visible space, allowing you to easily coordinate your outfits every morning. Thanks, gravity!

Think about how much time it takes to match the right shirt with the right pants when you’re looking through drawers of folded, stacked clothes. A custom-made reach-in closet storage solution could save minutes every day and hours every month.

Interested in creating a custom reach-in closet for your master bedroom? Marco Closet and Storage Solutions can build the perfect storage spaces for any room in your house. Contact us online or call 402.778.5777 in the Omaha, Lincoln, or Council Bluffs areas.