Wood Blinds Could Be Putting Money In Your Pocket

We don’t often think of home decor elements as energy savers, but that’s exactly what wood blinds do.

Fitting against the window frame, wood blinds help to provide insulation from cold and heat, as well as filtering light.  Offered in a variety of finishes and styles, the wood slats of blinds can be wide or narrow. Painted styles are also available in popular colors.

Stained wood can give a rich and cozy feeling to a room, while white painted wood blinds add a light and airy note. Bamboo blinds and exotic grasses are also used and provide visual interest and texture in your decorating scheme.

If you have pets, wood blinds are a good investment. Cats and dogs that look outdoors, watching the live action “pet TV” in the yard, may be tempted to push their heads between the slats of plastic blinds. With wood blinds, this is nearly impossible, so you save money over plastic blinds that can break when Fido becomes excited by a squirrel.

Faux wood blinds are also a great choice for humid areas of the house. The look of faux wood is nearly indistinguishable from real wood. Of course, faux wood blinds are also less expensive.

Many blind styles are available, such as top-down and bottom-up. Blind mountings can also be installed with a cornice. Endless loop cords provide a measure of safety, and camouflage a dangling cord from view.

Many shade styles come with a limited lifetime warranty. Give us a call at 402.778.5777 to find out how wood blinds can enhance your decor and save on energy dollars.