Plantation Shutters: The Energy Savers

This summer season has been a hot one – the first day of 100-degree weather was in May. In June, almost half of the month – fourteen days – registered a high temperature of 90 degrees or above! That’s a lot of heat – and most likely, a lot of energy dollars leaving your wallet.

Plantation shutters offer an efficient option to cut down on the energy drain through your windows. Depending on the material of the shutters (wood or vinyl), the insulating factor can be increased to as much as 4.0. By way of comparison, a standard double hung window offers an insulating factor of .9.

According to, 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through the windows. In summer, there’s a greater challenge: more than 75% of the sunlight that shines through a regular double- pane window becomes heat inside your home. This is a powerful motive for controlling light and heat to save money.

A particular advantage of plantation shutters is flexibility. The louvers can be completely closed to create privacy and maximum energy savings. If you need more light,  you can easily tilt the louvers to control the light. Unlike roller shades or blinds, the entire window covering doesn’t need to be raised or lowered. And, shutter panels can be adjusted individually for flexible light control.

Bonus: Plantation shutters look just a beautiful on the outside of your home as they do on the interior. Isn’t it time for you to get shutters for your home? We have styles to match every decor. See our Gallery for inspiration.

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