The New Gentleman’s Closet

The Gentleman’s Closet has changed. It used to be that business attire for men was defined as khakis, open button-down shirt, and loafers. With relaxed dress codes during the pandemic, the rules may now be different. Recently, we saw a question in the New York Times Fashion column asking if long shorts were acceptable office attire for men. LeBron James was pictured alongside – holding a briefcase and wearing a business suit jacket, matching shorts, long socks and oxfords.

So, what does this mean for your closet? As times and your wardrobe changes, you may want to re-think your work attire and the closet you put them in.

Our 360-Degree Organizer will have plenty of room for flip flops or other footwear – more than 100 pairs of shoes will fit there. There are many configuration options – hanging storage and drawers could house your selection of casual polos and T-Shirts. You could also use slanted shoe shelves to store your flips and casual footwear.

And what about those drawstring pants? Designers are even making styles that are supposedly suitable for office wear. Whether you choose to hang or fold them, hanging rods and slide-out shelves will ensure that there’s a place for everything so that you can make sense of your space.


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