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The New Gentleman’s Closet

The Gentleman’s Closet has changed. It used to be that business attire for men was defined as khakis, open button-down shirt, and loafers. With relaxed dress codes during the pandemic, the rules may now be different. Recently, we saw a question in the New York Times Fashion column asking if long shorts were acceptable office attire for men. LeBron James was pictured alongside – holding a briefcase and wearing a business suit jacket, matching shorts, long socks and oxfords.

So, what does this mean for your closet? As times and your wardrobe changes, you may want to re-think your work attire and the closet you put them in.

Our 360-Degree Organizer will have plenty of room for flip flops or other footwear – more than 100 pairs of shoes will fit there. There are many configuration options – hanging storage and drawers could house your selection of casual polos and T-Shirts. You could also use slanted shoe shelves to store your flips and casual footwear.

And what about those drawstring pants? Designers are even making styles that are supposedly suitable for office wear. Whether you choose to hang or fold them, hanging rods and slide-out shelves will ensure that there’s a place for everything so that you can make sense of your space.


Call today to find out what we can do with your Gentleman’s Closet. Design and measuring are always free.

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There’s a Cabinet In That Closet

Special Offer: Free Soft-Close Drawer upgrade on any order, now through January 31, 2021 with code SOFT131.

A Closet Hutch or Closet Cabinet is endlessly flexible. Not just for walk-in closets, it can be used in reach-in closets. Featuring both shelves and a dresser, a touch of luxury and functionality is added. It’s better than a closet dresser and offers expanded options for storage.

Taking less space than a Closet Island, a Closet Hutch often features a flat counter space along with drawers and shelves. Drawers can be customized with inserts for organization. Or, locks can be installed to secure valuables.

To add a luxurious touch, glass doors can be used with LED lighting. Taking it a step further, a Closet Hutch can also be the place where a television or media center is located. This can give your bedroom an uncluttered look, as well as providing a place to catch up on current events while you’re getting ready to conquer your day.

A Closet’s Best Friend

A Closet Hutch can be the best friend of the reach-in closet. Instead of standard plain shelves and drawers, cedar-lined drawers, a laundry hamper or other storage accessory can be added to make this closet one of the most organized spaces in your home. Making sense of your space can be much easier when there is a customized space for everything, so everything can be in its own space.

Closet Hutches don’t have to stay in the closet. They can be installed in a hallway for off-season clothing storage. If you want to be very creative, you can use the hutch idea in a dining room to store dishes and table linens. To the organized person, a hutch can offer utility in an attractive way.

Why not call today to find out if a Closet Hutch is right for you? Call today for your free quote: 402.778.5777. Design and measuring are always free.

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Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are an attractive and popular way to add function and beauty to your home. Moving on a single track, the door effortlessly glides open and closed. Especially in situations where there isn’t room for a traditional door to open and close, sliding barn doors are the perfect choice.

Made of solid wood panels, our sliding barn doors provide privacy, insulation and sound reduction. These doors can also create a visual separation between spaces, creating a movable wall when a partition is needed.

Whether your decorating style is traditional or rustic, industrial or classic, we can design the door to match your preference. Our premium construction techniques ensure that your sliding barn door will last for years to come.

You can choose nearly any hardwood to match the wood in your home.  Sliding barn doors are available in stained wood and can also be painted. The hardware is available in three colors and three styles. You can extend the attractiveness of this decorating component by ordering custom barn door shutters to match.

Call Marco Shutters at (402) 778-5818 today to request your free quote. Measuring and consultation are always free!

Find out more about our Custom Barn Doors.

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Living the Island Life

Walk-in closets have come a long way from being cavernous spaces with hanging rods at different heights. Today’s walk-in closet has those rods, but often has a closet island. Closet islands offer unique opportunities to organize your clothing and streamline your daily routine, offering more places for everything, so everything can be in its place.

A closet island is endlessly flexible. Many people use them to eliminate a dresser from their bedrooms.

Closet islands often feature divided drawers to store socks, drawers to store underwear, and bulky clothing like sweaters and winter gear, or anything else. There are even cedar-lined drawers for woolen items. Shelves can be used; they can be open or installed behind cabinet doors. Slide out shelves are also offered.

For those with boundary issues, a closet island can provide well-defined his-and-hers storage spaces.

Jewelry drawers, lined with flocking, can be fitted with locks for safekeeping valuables. The security-minded can take comfort knowing that a safe can also be installed in the island. Is there anything a closet island can’t do? Really, we think nearly every walk-in closet should have a closet island.

The standard height of a closet island is 40-45 inches, and the width can be dictated by the drawer sizes you want to use and the closet space available. Islands can be single or double-sided, depending on your closet dimensions and budget.

Are you ready to live the island life? Call Marco Closets today for your free quote. Design is always free.  We’ll help you make sense of your space, and create a peaceful, organized space for you to begin and end each day. Reach us at 402.778.5777.

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Classy Closet Rods Rule

“Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like.” – Amy Collins

When you open your closet, do you look at how you hang your clothes? Do you like what you see?  We’re not talking about hangers, but about what the hangers rest on – the closet rods. If your closet rods are unattractive, scuffed or damaged, now’s the time to look for inspiration and an upgrade.

Marco Closets offers an array of closet rods in different shapes and finishes. There’s the classic round rod, an oval rod, and the new Signature rod, which is a textured rectangular rod. Signature and oval rods are available in polished or brushed chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, slate gray and matte gold. Round rods are available in matte gold, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed or polished chrome.

Make Your Closet A Special Place

Why should you care about the closet rod? If you’re like most people, at least half of the clothes in your closet are on hangers. Having an attractive closet rod sets the tone for your closet and for how you look at your wardrobe.  Beauty and functionality are all in the details – the small things are just as important as the bigger things. Classy closet rods elevate your closet design, and we think they help to elevate your outlook on life.

You know this from your own choices – the right accessory or accent can make anything – a room or your outfit – go from unremarkable to fabulous.

Our closet rods are just a few of the closet accessories we offer to make your closet someplace special. We have many options – such as closet islands, closed cabinets with glass doors, tilt-out laundry hampers, locking drawers and even a safe to store your valuables.

Closets are where you begin and end each day. Let Marco Closets make sense of your space with a closet rod worthy of your clothing, installed in a beautiful and functional closet.

Call Marco Closets for your free quote: 402.778.5777. Let’s get started on your closet makeover today!

Put Your Right Shoe In, Take Your Left Shoe Out…

Shoes, shoes, shoes! For some of us, shoes represent a kind of joy that’s unmatched by any other wardrobe item. And for others, the clutter of someone else’s shoe collection is a constant annoyance and cause for irritation. Thankfully, for both camps, we have a solution for that. Marco Closets has many options to showcase, store and organize your shoe collection.

For the true shoe enthusiast, the 360-Degree Closet Organizer is the perfect solution to organize your shoe collection. It has the capacity to hold more than 100 pairs of shoes. You’ll never again look for the mate to those strappy summer sandals that you love – they’ll have their own special place on their own special shelf with this option. Best of all, the person you share a closet with won’t be tripping over shoes left on the floor. Up and out of the way, there are no safety hazards with this storage solution.

Many Storage Options

For those with a less expansive shoe collection, our slanted shoe shelves could be just the answer you’re looking for. Whether you need many shelves or just a few, each pair is beautifully displayed and within easy reach.


Slanted Shoe Shelves

Pull-Out Shoe Rack

Flat Shoe Storage Shelves

Pull-out racks keep shoes off the floor, and also provide a little camouflage in case someone is counting the pairs of shoes you have. (We’re not judging.) Push the rack back against the wall and no one will be the wiser on the actual shoe count.


Finally, these flat shelves store shoes within easy reach. Suited more for flat shoes than shoes with heels, each pair is nestled into its own spot. For the minimalist shoe collector, this could provide a simple, elegant and efficient storage solution.

Marco Closets helps you make sense of your shoe collection with many configuration options for storage. Why wait? Give us a call today for your free quote: 402.778.5777.

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What’s In That Closet?d

Oh. My. Goodness. Now that we’ve all been home for several weeks and have had our routines upended, it’s time to take stock. What’s going on in the kids’ bedrooms?  How’s that home office working out for you? And what’s going on in the pantry? What’s working and not working? We have solutions for your new normal with everyone home. Helping you to make sense of your space is our specialty.

It could be time to help the kids to be more organized. Marco Closets has the perfect solutions for reach-in closets. Customizations can be made for the needs of each child. Better yet, adjustments can be made as children grow. With compartmentalized sections for hanging clothes, drawers, hampers and other custom elements, it’ll be easy for them to clean their rooms, and keep them looking neat.

Storage Solutions For Every Room

If your home office needs a makeover, we have a solution for that.  Cabinets for storing supplies and file cabinets that look like furniture will make your home office both efficient and attractive. Even if you can’t add a door to close off distractions, you can make a work area that that promotes efficiency and creates a comfortable working space.

Do you know what’s in your pantry? Are those bottles of water taking over the available space so that you can’t find the snacks? Marco Closets’ custom pantry solutions help you to organize your space so that everything is visible and accessible.

And if your garage has been crowded by your emergency supply of toilet paper and paper towels, we have custom garage storage solutions, too.

Browse our Gallery to find inspiration for solutions for your new normal. We are especially sensitive to the health of our customers and employees during this time. We’re following CDC Guidelines to ensure that you and your family are protected. Find out more here

Call today for your free quote: 402.778.5777. Let us remove some of the stress of everyone being at home by adding peace to your pantry, closets and home office.

We’re thankful to our repeat customers who allow us to keep our team working during this time!

Don’t Give Up

Most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions before January 21.  If your resolution was to become more organized, don’t admit defeat. Marco Closets has a solution for that. Our 360-Degree Closet Organizer and closet accessories can make closet chaos vanish.

Marco Closets is the only local distributor of the 360-Degree Closet Organizer. It’s perfect for shoes – it can hold as many as 102 pairs! But if shoes aren’t your thing, there are many other configuration options. Drawers, hanging rods and a full-length mirror are a few of the available options. Designed to be installed in a corner, it takes only 40″ of space on each side of the corner. Not an inch of space is wasted. Depending on configuration, you can add as much 100 inches of additional space in your closet with the 360-Degree Closet Organizer.

Store jewelry in a partitioned drawerOther organization accessories include jewelry storage drawers. Lined with a soft, velvet-like material to avoid scratching, rings, watches and bracelets find their perfect spots. Everything is un-tangled and visible – no more looking for the perfect necklace or tie bar to go with your ensemble.

An optional lock adds a layer of security, keeping your treasures away from little hands. (Or, for securing the surprise gift you bought for your spouse for Valentine’s Day.)

If taming your laundry was one of your resolutions, our laundry bins can be a big help. Tilt-out hampers keep clothes off the floor and out of sight.  

Our pull-out hamper allows you to sort items as you undress – dark clothes on one side, light on the other. No more missing socks… putting them in the hamper immediately ensures that the pair stays together. The pull-out hamper has an additional benefit – these can be lifted out and taken to the laundry room. What could be easier?

Revive your resolutions of organization and closet harmony by calling Marco Closets. Get your free quote today by calling us at 402.778.5777.

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Marco Makeover: A Working Closet

Marco Closets customer Katie Starks, a lifestyle blogger, recently contacted us about creating her dream closet. Katie is popular on Instagram, shooting photos and recording her videos in her “Cloffice” or Closet Office.

Lifestyle Blogger Katie Starks

Katie Starks

Katie needed attractive storage space for her shoes and clothes. Adjustable hanging space and slanted shoe storage were high on the list of requirements. She also needed a space large enough to be able to record video in relative quiet. When the idea of a custom closet first came up, Katie and her husband Luther thought there was no way that the project would be affordable or practical, especially given their family’s busy lifestyle.

However, owner Mike Herman brought his design ideas. He made the process better than expected, in both features and in price. Many of the closet components were assembled in the Marco Closets shop, streamlining the installation process.

The room Katie chose for her new closet was formerly a nursery for her children. Marco Closets maximized the storage space. It wascustomized it to reflect Katie’s needs. Drawers with acrylic fronts were added so that Katie’s product collections could be displayed.

“To say this is a dream come true is the understatement of the century,” Katie said.

See what we did:

One of Katie’s favorite things is the shoe storage.”This shoe shelf is absolutely the thing that girls dream of.” Adjustable shelves and versatility of storage spaces also come to the top on Katie’s list.

Marco Closets’ sister company, Marco Shutters, also installed a custom plantation shutter, painted white to match the other woodwork in the closet. Katie needed light control to produce good video.

Take a look at a video of Katie’s complete closet makeover here.

Call today for your free quote: 402.778.5777. Consultation and measuring are always free.

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Photos on this page courtesy of Katie Starks.