There’s a Cabinet In That Closet

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A Closet Hutch or Closet Cabinet is endlessly flexible. Not just for walk-in closets, it can be used in reach-in closets. Featuring both shelves and a dresser, a touch of luxury and functionality is added. It’s better than a closet dresser and offers expanded options for storage.

Taking less space than a Closet Island, a Closet Hutch often features a flat counter space along with drawers and shelves. Drawers can be customized with inserts for organization. Or, locks can be installed to secure valuables.

To add a luxurious touch, glass doors can be used with LED lighting. Taking it a step further, a Closet Hutch can also be the place where a television or media center is located. This can give your bedroom an uncluttered look, as well as providing a place to catch up on current events while you’re getting ready to conquer your day.

A Closet’s Best Friend

A Closet Hutch can be the best friend of the reach-in closet. Instead of standard plain shelves and drawers, cedar-lined drawers, a laundry hamper or other storage accessory can be added to make this closet one of the most organized spaces in your home. Making sense of your space can be much easier when there is a customized space for everything, so everything can be in its own space.

Closet Hutches don’t have to stay in the closet. They can be installed in a hallway for off-season clothing storage. If you want to be very creative, you can use the hutch idea in a dining room to store dishes and table linens. To the organized person, a hutch can offer utility in an attractive way.

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