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Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are an attractive and popular way to add function and beauty to your home. Moving on a single track, the door effortlessly glides open and closed. Especially in situations where there isn’t room for a traditional door to open and close, sliding barn doors are the perfect choice.

Made of solid wood panels, our sliding barn doors provide privacy, insulation and sound reduction. These doors can also create a visual separation between spaces, creating a movable wall when a partition is needed.

Whether your decorating style is traditional or rustic, industrial or classic, we can design the door to match your preference. Our premium construction techniques ensure that your sliding barn door will last for years to come.

You can choose nearly any hardwood to match the wood in your home.  Sliding barn doors are available in stained wood and can also be painted. The hardware is available in three colors and three styles. You can extend the attractiveness of this decorating component by ordering custom barn door shutters to match.

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