Marco Shutters makes Custom Barn Doors for Windows and Interior Doors

Custom Barn Doors

Marco Shutters is pleased to announce that we’re now offering Custom Barn Doors to enhance your home decor. The Barn Door style has opened up new options for interior spaces. They can be used to close off rooms and closets. Smaller Custom Barn Doors can be used over windows.

More practical than pocket doors or bi-fold doors, a custom Barn Door takes up less space than a pre-hung door when it comes to opening and closing. If your floor plan doesn’t allow room for a traditional door, a Custom Barn Door could be the right solution for you.

Marco can make Barn Doors with a rustic look. But, if that’s not your style, the Barn Door can be customized. Raised panels, smooth wood, distressed wood – just about any style can be made to match your decor. The stain can be matched to the wood trim already in your home. For those looking for a painted Barn Door, our custom paint matching service can provide just the look you’re after.

Custom Barn Doors can be made as single units or split units. Split Barn Doors are especially attractive for windows, as the panels can help to frame the window with wood.

Options for the hardware style and color of the rail system can also match your style; the hardware is available in three colors and three styles.

Using the premium construction techniques used for all Marco Shutters products, your Custom Barn Door can be made from nearly any hardwood species.

Call today to find out if Custom Barn Doors are right for you. Consultation and measuring are free! Call today for your free quote: (402) 778-5818.

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