A Closet Island Helps Organize Your Space

Living the Island Life

Walk-in closets have come a long way from being cavernous spaces with hanging rods at different heights. Today’s walk-in closet has those rods, but often has a closet island. Closet islands offer unique opportunities to organize your clothing and streamline your daily routine, offering more places for everything, so everything can be in its place.

A closet island is endlessly flexible. Many people use them to eliminate a dresser from their bedrooms.

Closet islands often feature divided drawers to store socks, drawers to store underwear, and bulky clothing like sweaters and winter gear, or anything else. There are even cedar-lined drawers for woolen items. Shelves can be used; they can be open or installed behind cabinet doors. Slide out shelves are also offered.

For those with boundary issues, a closet island can provide well-defined his-and-hers storage spaces.

Jewelry drawers, lined with flocking, can be fitted with locks for safekeeping valuables. The security-minded can take comfort knowing that a safe can also be installed in the island. Is there anything a closet island can’t do? Really, we think nearly every walk-in closet should have a closet island.

The standard height of a closet island is 40-45 inches, and the width can be dictated by the drawer sizes you want to use and the closet space available. Islands can be single or double-sided, depending on your closet dimensions and budget.

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