Master Walk-In Elegant Closet

That Elegant Spot That is All Your Own

Imagine slipping into your dressing room each morning. A chandelier lights the spacious interior. It’s easy to find the pieces for today’s ensemble: hanging rods allow you to see every blouse, shirt, pair of slacks or skirt. The pull-down closet rod makes it easy to reach every article of clothing. This elegant closet is the best way to start and end your day. Our 360 Degree Closet solution makes it a joy to get up in the morning.

Glass-front cabinets protect accessories; drawers keep socks and other necessities organized. You pause before the shoe rack to select the perfect pair. An island in the center of the room allows you to lay out your accessories. And the three-way mirror allows for a final look before you head out for the day.

Time for a reality check. Your walk-in closet has none of those accoutrements, has poor lighting and boxes and bags stacked on the floor. Clothing is jammed together. Nothing about it says luxury closet or dressing room. It might even whisper, “Chaos.”


You wish you had that beautiful dressing room, but can you afford it? And is it really worth the money for all of that luxury?

A custom closet can be affordable, and the key word here is custom. A custom closet is tailored to you… and your needs and budget. So how do you get that dreamy, elegant closet that doubles as a dressing room?

First, take a look at some of the closet accessories and design options in our gallery.  Which accessories appeal most to you: Shoe storage? Pull-down clothes rods, or do you prefer the pull-out style?

Think about what causes you the most frustration. We probably have a solution for that. Do you need extra-deep shelves? Locked drawers to store jewelry and valuables? Just ask, and we’ll show you options and pricing.

Now, think out of the box. Would a pull-out hamper make your life easier? Make your list of must-haves and nice-to-haves, and give us a call at 402.778.5777.

Unlike some other closet companies, design services and quotes are free at Marco Closets. Your dream closet can come to life within your budget. The style and elegance it lends to your home will help to increase its appeal to a future buyer, and will make your life easier for all the days ahead.