Atelier Roller Shades accent any decorating style

Get In The Loop With Safe Shades

Atelier Roller Shades offer many beautiful options for window coverings. Roller shades, with their clean lines, offer the perfect complement to any decor, whether your style is traditional or modern, or anything in between.  They are available in over 150 fabric choices, ranging from sheer to blackout. A roller shade can create the mood in any room. If you choose translucent fabrics, your choice of color can create a tinted accent to the room light at different times of day. Setting the tone of a room can take on new meaning!

Atelier Roller Shades have a twin pull option to raise and lower your shadeYou can get the twin pull system to easily raise and lower the shade. The twin pull is a very safe way to lift your Atelier Roller Shades. Using an endless loop chain, it operates by pulling on one side to raise the shade and pulling the opposing side to lower the shade.

Because it’s an endless loop, it does not have a long chain hanging down – the chain is the length of the window height. Especially for those with small children and pets, the threat of choking on the chain is eliminated.

The twin pull system is as reliable as other options for raising and lowering shades, and is more appealing to the eye.  It is the high-end option for raising and lowering a shade.

There are several colors of hardware (brackets, valance end caps and bottom rail end caps) for the twin pull system that harmonize with various fabrics. White, Almond, Bronze, Black, Slate Gray, Anodized Aluminum and Matte Gold are available.

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