Put Your Right Shoe In, Take Your Left Shoe Out…

Shoes, shoes, shoes! For some of us, shoes represent a kind of joy that’s unmatched by any other wardrobe item. And for others, the clutter of someone else’s shoe collection is a constant annoyance and cause for irritation. Thankfully, for both camps, we have a solution for that. Marco Closets has many options to showcase, store and organize your shoe collection.

For the true shoe enthusiast, the 360-Degree Closet Organizer is the perfect solution to organize your shoe collection. It has the capacity to hold more than 100 pairs of shoes. You’ll never again look for the mate to those strappy summer sandals that you love – they’ll have their own special place on their own special shelf with this option. Best of all, the person you share a closet with won’t be tripping over shoes left on the floor. Up and out of the way, there are no safety hazards with this storage solution.

Many Storage Options

For those with a less expansive shoe collection, our slanted shoe shelves could be just the answer you’re looking for. Whether you need many shelves or just a few, each pair is beautifully displayed and within easy reach.


Slanted Shoe Shelves

Pull-Out Shoe Rack

Flat Shoe Storage Shelves

Pull-out racks keep shoes off the floor, and also provide a little camouflage in case someone is counting the pairs of shoes you have. (We’re not judging.) Push the rack back against the wall and no one will be the wiser on the actual shoe count.


Finally, these flat shelves store shoes within easy reach. Suited more for flat shoes than shoes with heels, each pair is nestled into its own spot. For the minimalist shoe collector, this could provide a simple, elegant and efficient storage solution.

Marco Closets helps you make sense of your shoe collection with many configuration options for storage. Why wait? Give us a call today for your free quote: 402.778.5777.

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