When Less is More

Let’s say you need more storage space in bedroom closets, and you’ve run out of room for new closets. Do you buy plastic storage containers, or think out of the box for a more accessible and attractive closet option?

One way to get the storage you need is a non-traditional closet. Read more

The Gentleman’s Closet

In today’s business environment, it’s just as likely to have a casual work wardrobe as it is to wear a more formal outfit with slacks, a tie and dress shirt. Though formal suits aren’t often worn to work these days, every man needs to have them, along with a sports jacket or two. An organized gentleman’s closet like this one makes it stress free to pull together your look for the day, whether it’s the weekend or your daughter’s wedding day. Read more

The Closet With A View

Most homes today aren’t designed with an exterior window, but older homes often had smaller closets. And with today’s emphasis on a well-rounded wardrobe, sometimes a new closet expansion includes a window in order to have adequate space for clothing, shoes and accessories.

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A Place for Everything

You probably heard it as a child: There should be a place for everything, and everything should be in its place. That sounds good on the surface,but how do we make that happen?

One way to begin is to look at the cluttered hotspots in your home- those spaces that often attract clutter, or make you wince when you see them.  Read more

That Elegant Spot That is All Your Own

Imagine slipping into your dressing room each morning. A chandelier lights the spacious interior. It’s easy to find the pieces for today’s ensemble: hanging rods allow you to see every blouse, shirt, pair of slacks or skirt. The pull-down closet rod makes it easy to reach every article of clothing. This elegant closet is the best way to start and end your day. Read more

Closet Accessories Take Center Stage

Imagine walking into your closet and finding all of the accessories for your outfit in a pullout drawer. Watches, bracelets, rings – all in plain view, nothing tangled or missing. Yes, that can happen in your closet with our custom closet accessories.

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Why your home needs a custom reach-in closet

A custom-built reach-in closet can be a convenient and valuable addition to virtually any master bedroom. Closets make efficient use of your home’s space, allowing you to eliminate clutter and enhance the visual appeal of your interior.

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Great Tips for a Better Looking Closet

Inexpensive accessories can help to organize your closet with ease.

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Storage Tricks and More

Tips to utilize storage space better.

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Organizing Jewelry, Organizing Laundry

Simple fixes can go a long way toward a more organized home. Find ways to organize jewelry and laundry to make your home more efficient.

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