Bedroom Closets

When Less is More

Let’s say you need more storage space in bedroom closets, and you’ve run out of room for new closets. Do you buy plastic storage containers, or think out of the box for a more accessible and attractive closet option?

One way to get the storage you need is a non-traditional closet. Called an outside closet by some, this type of storage is found outside your bedroom closet and inside your bedroom or other space.

Marco Closets has installed custom closets under staircases, in attics and hallways and even in a garage. This is when less bedroom closets storage space finds a more flexible solution.

Non-traditional storage for off-season clothing and other items is a good option when there's limited space.Because an outside closet is built-in, it’s sturdier and more permanent than the stand-alone storage units you’d see at the home store. Pull-out soft close drawers and custom doors are options that are attractive and functional. Visit our Gallery page for storage inspiration.

Our flexible storage solutions can look like furniture, and will make organization a snap.
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