Organized Pantry

Organization Streamlines the Holidays

It’s November and the time is here for holiday baking and meal preparation for a crowd! An organized kitchen pantry can make all of that so much easier. The big bowls used to make that special holiday bread can be stored in the pantry. Pull out spice racks make it easier to find the special cinnamon you bought for those snickerdoodles.

Marco Closets has pantry spice racks for an organized kitchen pantryMarco Closets has wire vegetable bins for an organized kitchen pantryOur open wire bins store potatoes and other root vegetables, allowing for air circulation so they don’t spoil.

And for adult entertaining, our pantry configurations can include wine racks and storage for wine glasses. The stemware rack ensures that glassware is held securely and makes it easy to remove and store.

Marco's wine glass storage helps to reduce breakage and makes for an organized kitchen pantryWire Wine Racks fit your custom kitchen pantry perfectly.

If you don’t think you have the space or the budget for a large pantry, we have options that will fit smaller spaces. Pull-out drawers and shelves for large platters and other cooking gear are options that can work for you – and make meal preparation a breeze. Best of all, there’ll be a place for everything, and everything can be in its place – neat, tidy and organized.

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