Marco Closets designs the gentleman's closet

The Gentleman’s Closet

In today’s business environment, it’s just as likely to have a casual work wardrobe as it is to wear a more formal outfit with slacks, a tie and dress shirt. Though formal suits aren’t often worn to work these days, every man needs to have them, along with a sports jacket or two. An organized gentleman’s closet like this one makes it stress free to pull together your look for the day, whether it’s the weekend or your daughter’s wedding day.

Accessories for the Gentleman’s Closet

Marco Closets also offers many closet accessories to take your closet to the next level.

Pants Rack for the gentleman's closet

Vertical Pants Rack

A vertical slacks rack saves space while providing essential storage.

Belts and ties can be hung from racks like these shown below. We also have a pull-out rod so that you can look over your clothing choices before getting dressed.

Let’s not overlook socks and shoes. Marco Closets offers specialty pull-out drawers to organize briefs and socks. Belts and ties can be organized easily in the gentleman’s closet with accessories like those shown below. There are a variety of shoe storage options, including slanted shelves and traditional shoe racks.

No matter what your style, Marco Closets has the accessories that fit your lifestyle and budget.


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closet tie organizer

Closet Tie Rack


divided closet drawer for the gentleman's closet

Closet Drawer with Divider

belt organizer for the gentleman's closet

Closet Belt Organizer

closet shoe rack for the gentleman's closet

Slanted Shoe Rack