Where Will Uncle Lewis Sleep?

It’s not too early to think about where to put holiday guests.  If you don’t have a formal guest room, we have the perfect solution – a wall bed. Your home office or lower level can do double duty, turning into a guest room when needed.

Sometimes called a Murphy bed, these beds fold out of site when not needed.  The camouflage is complete – you’d never guess that there’s a bed behind these doors. We have a variety of styles and sizes. Depending on the space available, you can get a wall bed system that will accommodate a twin, full or queen mattress.

Wall Bed in Office OpenDepending on your room configuration, it’s also possible to install a bed horizontally, offering another option for making sense of your space for guests.

These wall units also have shelves, drawers and cupboards for extra storage, so you’ll have lots of extra cabinet space, too. We know it’s true: A wall bed is much more comfortable than an air mattress on the floor.  For as little as $2400, you could get a twin bed unit.

Holiday hospitality can be easy and elegant with this solution. Call us at 402.778.5777 now so that your wall bed can be installed before the holiday rush.