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Don’t Give Up

Most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions before January 21.  If your resolution was to become more organized, don’t admit defeat. Marco Closets has a solution for that. Our 360-Degree Closet Organizer and closet accessories can make closet chaos vanish.

Marco Closets is the only local distributor of the 360-Degree Closet Organizer. It’s perfect for shoes – it can hold as many as 102 pairs! But if shoes aren’t your thing, there are many other configuration options. Drawers, hanging rods and a full-length mirror are a few of the available options. Designed to be installed in a corner, it takes only 40″ of space on each side of the corner. Not an inch of space is wasted. Depending on configuration, you can add as much 100 inches of additional space in your closet with the 360-Degree Closet Organizer.

Store jewelry in a partitioned drawerOther organization accessories include jewelry storage drawers. Lined with a soft, velvet-like material to avoid scratching, rings, watches and bracelets find their perfect spots. Everything is un-tangled and visible – no more looking for the perfect necklace or tie bar to go with your ensemble.

An optional lock adds a layer of security, keeping your treasures away from little hands. (Or, for securing the surprise gift you bought for your spouse for Valentine’s Day.)

If taming your laundry was one of your resolutions, our laundry bins can be a big help. Tilt-out hampers keep clothes off the floor and out of sight.  

Our pull-out hamper allows you to sort items as you undress – dark clothes on one side, light on the other. No more missing socks… putting them in the hamper immediately ensures that the pair stays together. The pull-out hamper has an additional benefit – these can be lifted out and taken to the laundry room. What could be easier?

Revive your resolutions of organization and closet harmony by calling Marco Closets. Get your free quote today by calling us at 402.778.5777.

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The End

And just like that: Summer was over. It was 95 degrees one day and 53 degrees the next. Yes, there could be a 90-degree day sometime in November. Until then, it’d be a good idea to put those tank tops, sandals and cut-offs in storage. That’s just the problem – where are you going to store them? Marco has a solution for that: we have many clothing storage ideas for off-season items.

Overhead Shelving

Overhead Garage Storage

Garage Closets

Wardrobe in Garage

Marco Closets takes a creative approach to making sense of your seasonal clothing storage. We have put a wardrobe closet in a garage, where clothes can hang until the temperatures change. Overhead garage storage racks can also be used for clothing storage bins and boxes.

Marco Closets has pull-down rods to increase storage area

A Pull-Down Rod Maximizes Storage Space

Expanding storage space in an existing closet can be done by adding a closet rod higher in the closet. Our pull-down rod makes it easy to reach the clothing up there – pull down the rod and swap one season’s clothing for another. Poof! Your closet is up-to-date again.

We have also created hallway wardrobes for storing seasonal bedding, outerwear and footwear. And if you want storage that will do double-duty, a wall bed system can provide storage space while also providing a comfortable bed to fold down for those out-of-town guests.


Child's room Organization

Storage Plus a Guest Bed

There’s no need to cram all of your clothes into the closet and hope that you can find a sweater when you need it. Jamming all of your clothes together makes for wrinkled shirts and frustrating mornings.

Call Marco Closets today at 402.778.5777. We offer free consultation, free design and free measuring. You have nothing to lose except frustration. Don’t wait – call today!

Is It Time For A Closet Tune-Up?

storage closetThe last time we visited your storage closet, it was pretty neat. Nothing had been put on the shelves or closet rods, and everything went according to plan. It was a beautiful place to be.

Now, some things have changed. Your storage closet is still beautiful, but there are a few things that aren’t working for you. For example, you have a different job and need to wear more dresses. The hanging rods really should be moved to a different height to allow for that and to be more efficient. And, adding an ironing board would be a good idea for quick touch-ups.

Or, you’ve retired, and you don’t need to hang as many dress shirts and suits. But you do need a space for those golf shirts and shorts. And wouldn’t some drawers in the closet be a good idea? Is that even possible?

Additions and changes to custom storage closets can be made as your needs and lifestyle change. The idea of a custom closet is to help you make sense of your space, with a solution tailored just for you.

Give us a call and arrange for a free consultation. We’ll listen to your needs and then let you know what’s possible. We have ideas that can help your closet look better and work better for you.  Call today: 402.778.5777.

You can find more inspiration in our Gallery.

A Tale of Two Closets (With apologies to Charles Dickens)

It was the best of closet drawers, it was the worst of closet drawers.

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Wardrobes | The Un-Closet


We’ve all experienced it: seasons change and temperatures can vary by 30 degrees in a single day. On days like those, it may be convenient to have extra sweaters and heavy jackets within easy reach as you wrap and peel clothing layers.The downside is that too many options can result in a crowded closet. We have a solution for that: Open wardrobes can allow for easy access and visibility of just the right layer for the weather of the moment.

Open wardrobe or storage areas like this can be put in a hallway or even in a garage. (We are experts in finding storage space and making it work for your needs!) Open wardrobes can include storage for footwear and hanging clothes and jackets. Drawers for hats, mittens and scarves can be added.

A space like this could even be used for extra pillows, sheets, blankets and comforters – especially convenient if an unexpected overnight guest drops in.

The possibilities are endless! Because our closets are truly customized to your needs, we offer free design services and free estimates. Call Marco Closets today at 402.778.5777 to set up an appointment.

Organization Streamlines the Holidays

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Where Will Uncle Lewis Sleep?

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When Less is More

Let’s say you need more storage space in bedroom closets, and you’ve run out of room for new closets. Do you buy plastic storage containers, or think out of the box for a more accessible and attractive closet option?

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The Gentleman’s Closet

In today’s business environment, it’s just as likely to have a casual work wardrobe as it is to wear a more formal outfit with slacks, a tie and dress shirt. Though formal suits aren’t often worn to work these days, every man needs to have them, along with a sports jacket or two. An organized gentleman’s closet like this one makes it stress free to pull together your look for the day, whether it’s the weekend or your daughter’s wedding day. Read more

Great Tips for a Better Looking Closet

Inexpensive accessories can help to organize your closet with ease.

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