A Peek Behind the Shades

With today’s wide window styles, shades that cover a large of expanse of glass can be heavy. In the olden days, a cord and pulley system moved a shade up and down and controlled the light. Today, motorized shades come to the rescue, easily lifting and lowering a shade and opening and closing the louvers on nearly any size window.

While traditional wiring can power motorized shades, technology now takes ease even further for our Lafayette Allure® Transitional Shades, offering a new motor option with a special rechargeable battery.

This is a great option for those who want to avoid the expense of having an electrician to install power for each motorized window shade.  The new Allure® option camouflages the battery. Making for a sleek presentation, this battery is inside the motor instead of having a battery tube.

The convenience of this option goes even further: Unlike other rechargeable options, you don’t need to invest in expensive rechargeable batteries. There’s no climbing up a ladder to pull out the old battery and replace it. Instead, just clip in a wire, plug into a nearby outlet for a couple of hours and you’re done.

We’ve found this motor to be popular and reliable. Best of all, if you don’t want to use a remote control to operate your shades, Amazon’s Alexa or a phone app can control the shade. What could be easier?

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