The “Little Black Dress” of Home Décor

White painted shutters are the “little black dress” of home decor.  Their clean lines complement any color scheme. White doesn’t compete with other colors… it makes other colors pop. You might say that white painted shutters are like the best friend who always notices what you’re wearing and is generous with a compliment.

White plantation shutters are also classic – like the sheath dress that never goes out of style. Whether your home decorating style is Bold Monochromatic, Grand Millennial, Modern Farmhouse or Bold Black & White, white shutters are there to note their approval of your design choices. Unassuming and tasteful all at the same time, white painted shutters won’t clash with your style.

The Hidden Secret

Our shutters also have a secret – a hidden tilt rod that allows for them to be effortlessly adjusted to control light. This lift system is standard equipment on all of our shutters. Once you adjust them to the perfect position, the louvers stay in place without slipping or shifting. Because great style doesn’t just come in one size, Marco Shutters offers louvers in widths of 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5”.

Painted White ShuttersThe soothing properties of white come in many shades, which is why Marco Shutters offers 15 colors of white in their custom paint-matching arsenal. If you need a cool white or a warm white, one tinged with a bit of blush or a drop of blue, Marco can create the perfect shade of white for your decor.

Best of all, Marco Shutters require virtually no maintenance and have a 20-year guarantee.

Add the classic accent of painted white shutters to your home today. Call us for your free quote: (402) 778-5818 .

Don’t Give Up

Most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions before January 21.  If your resolution was to become more organized, don’t admit defeat. Marco Closets has a solution for that. Our 360-Degree Closet Organizer and closet accessories can make closet chaos vanish.

Marco Closets is the only local distributor of the 360-Degree Closet Organizer. It’s perfect for shoes – it can hold as many as 102 pairs! But if shoes aren’t your thing, there are many other configuration options. Drawers, hanging rods and a full-length mirror are a few of the available options. Designed to be installed in a corner, it takes only 40″ of space on each side of the corner. Not an inch of space is wasted. Depending on configuration, you can add as much 100 inches of additional space in your closet with the 360-Degree Closet Organizer.

Store jewelry in a partitioned drawerOther organization accessories include jewelry storage drawers. Lined with a soft, velvet-like material to avoid scratching, rings, watches and bracelets find their perfect spots. Everything is un-tangled and visible – no more looking for the perfect necklace or tie bar to go with your ensemble.

An optional lock adds a layer of security, keeping your treasures away from little hands. (Or, for securing the surprise gift you bought for your spouse for Valentine’s Day.)

If taming your laundry was one of your resolutions, our laundry bins can be a big help. Tilt-out hampers keep clothes off the floor and out of sight.  

Our pull-out hamper allows you to sort items as you undress – dark clothes on one side, light on the other. No more missing socks… putting them in the hamper immediately ensures that the pair stays together. The pull-out hamper has an additional benefit – these can be lifted out and taken to the laundry room. What could be easier?

Revive your resolutions of organization and closet harmony by calling Marco Closets. Get your free quote today by calling us at 402.778.5777.

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