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An Open View

If the light in a room needs to be just right, you can pull the drapes or raise the shade to adjust the view. If you have indoor shutters, you might be stuck with two options – open or closed. But, with Marco Shutters, you have endless control of the view. That’s because our hidden tilt rod provides effortless adjustment so that you can open the shades a little bit or a lot.

For privacy, this system can’t be beat. Tilting the louvers at just the right angle lets in the light you need. It still prevents prying eyes from seeing that you’re watching “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” for the fifth time.

Best of all, the hidden tilt rod is available on all of our shutters. Whether you are ordering bypass shutters for your patio door, shutters for wide windows, bay window shutters or sidelight shutters for your front door, this lift system is standard equipment. Once you adjust them to the perfect position, the louvers stay in place without slipping or shifting.

The classic look of Marco Shutters never goes out of fashion, whether they are painted or stained. Because they fit close to the window frame, they’re also effective insulators against cold drafts. Best of all, Marco Shutters require virtually no maintenance and have a 20-year guarantee.

Why wait? Consultation and measuring are free. Call (402) 778-5818 today and get the classic, adjustable look of Marco Shutters.

Peaceful Patio Doors

We’re fans of the crisp and clean look of custom bypass patio door shutters. With a track hidden behind trim at the top of your patio doors, the shutters will glide smoothly to open and close.

When you have our bypass patio door shutters, there aren’t any drapes to move out of the way. No cords to untangle just to get a breath of fresh air. There aren’t any vertical blinds that swing in your way. Whether you want them wide open or just moved slightly to one side, they’ll stay in place.

We take efficiency even further -hidden tilt bars allow for the louvers to be easily adjusted. Controlling the level of light and privacy is effortless.

If you have pets that yearn for the great outdoors… that have also ruined your drapes and blinds every time someone says, “Squirrel!” these patio shutters are for you. Made of American hardwoods, these shutters can’t be broken when Scruffy detects backyard prey. Cats and dogs won’t be able to stick their heads through the louvers with this sturdy solution.

Our shutters also have a lifetime guarantee and will retain their beauty for many years to come.

View our gallery for inspiration. Then, call us at (402) 778-5818. We offer free consultation and measuring. Add peace to your life with custom bypass patio door shutters.

A Little Smack Talk

What do you hear every time you close your sliding glass door? Is it the clatter of vertical blinds smacking the glass? As the weather warms up, you’re going to want to open those doors again. It’s time to re-think the window covering for your sliding glass door. Marco comes to your rescue with custom shutters for sliding glass doors.

Our bypass plantation shutters are custom made to eliminate clatter and smack. Unlike noisy (and outdated) vertical blinds, our shutters fit tightly against the glass. Secured at the top and bottom, these shutters will never clatter as the door is opened or closed.

A header conceals the shutter rails, giving a clean and finished look. Best of all, our patio door shutters can be stained or painted to match your decor.

Available in a variety of louver widths and many species of hardwoods, we can further customize the look of your patio door shutters. We build your shutters in our own factory and we use all American materials.

If you’re ready for spring without noise of your old window coverings, call Marco Shutters today at (402) 778-5818. We offer free measuring and consultation services.

The Wonders of White

White has mystical properties. It allows you to accent the texture of items in a room. It acts as a neutral balance for any color, and can act as a counterpoint to dark colors, providing contrast. Far from being a stark color, white can take on a warm feeling when paired with natural textures. Many say it’s the perfect choice for accenting any style – whether you are looking for classical, tropical, contemporary or formal design.

In these photos, we show white painted shutters lending an elegant air when paired with drapes. The arch-top window is a perfect example of classical design paired with contemporary furniture. Bypass shutter patio doors ad a crisp look to a kitchen with a walk-out patio. And finally, French Doors get an upscale look from white shutters.

One major paint manufacturer has 50 shades of white, but we focus on the top eight shades in our custom white palette.

Best of all – white  wood shutters are on sale now through February 15, 2019.  All painted white wooden shutters are 10% off. Select from our palette of eight custom white colors. Plan to order your shutters now. Call (402) 778-5818 today to set up your appointment. We offer free measuring and free consultation.

Bypassing Frustration

You love your sliding glass doors, but you want an attractive way to filter the light. Vertical blinds used to be a solution for this problem, but these often suffered broken vanes, making for an unattractive effect. Read more