Bypassing Frustration

You love your sliding glass doors, but you want an attractive way to filter the light. Vertical blinds used to be a solution for this problem, but these often suffered broken vanes, making for an unattractive effect.

Wooden blinds seemed like an alternative, until their bulk made it impossible to open or close the door when they were raised.

The enlightened solution: bypass shutters for sliding glass doors. Allowing for full operation of your doors, they allow easy access in and out of the door and are very durable.

Even better, bypass shutters add resale value to your home, and you can the match shutters that are on the other windows in your home.

They eliminate the frustration that can be caused by cheap plastic blinds that rattle and break as the sliding doors open or close.

Bypass shutters never need maintenance, are totally reliable, will never have broken vanes like vertical blinds. Since each panel has slats that can be adjusted independently, light can be controlled more efficiently, too.

If you’re looking for a beautiful way to control the light from your sliding glass doors, bypass shutters are the way to go. Call 402.778.5777 to get started today.