That Window Is Flirting With You

Did that window just wink at you? I think it did. Someone with motorized Allure Shades lowered their window shade – just a bit – to catch your attention.

And it worked, didn’t it?  Made you look! Window shades can be playful, sheer, geometric, and yes – even flirty. The Lafayette Allure® Transitional Shades offered by Marco Shutters aren’t just a sheer, and aren’t just a blind. They are the best of both. Sheer fabric between the vanes makes them the ultimate interior decorating element.

They’re available in many types of fabric, colors, patterns and solids. With this type of selection, these shades will complement any decorating style. There are also options for arched windows.


How do they work? The shades can be moved up and down like any other shade. The shade louvers can be adjusted to control the level of light. Simply lift the shade and it locks into place. Motorized options are also available. For a large window, this is essential, but motorized shades are convenient, too. These can even be controlled with Amazon’s Alexa.

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