Take a Twirl Around Your Pantry

If your pantry storage space is tight, Marco Closets has a solution for that. Our 360-Degree Pantry Organizer can be used to expand storage space in your pantry. Designed to be installed in a corner, the 360-Degree Pantry Organizer takes only 40″ of space on each side of the corner.

Endless options are available for configuration. A wine rack and space for storing glassware are two options.  A cabinet with doors and drawers can also be included.

Many Options for 360-Degree Pantry Organizer

360-Degree Pantry OrganizerOther options include vertical storage for tall food boxes, baking pans and cookbooks, a spice rack, pull-out drawers and wire racks for root vegetables and bagged snack foods.

Of course, there’s plenty of room to store cleaning supplies or canned food with some of the other configurations we offer.

Much more efficient than a Lazy Susan, Marco’s storage solutions are customized and organized. Jars and cans can stay upright and separate. There’s less chance of finding expired food or broken packaging when there’s a space for everything, and everything is in its place.

Add the 360-Degree Pantry Organizer and see how much more efficient your pantry can be.

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