Marco Makeover: Pantry With Adjustable Shelving

In this Marco Pantry Makeover, we expanded the storage space and made it more efficient, too. Our customer wanted her pantry to be more attractive. Take a look and see what you think.

Before: Though many things were stored here, there was wasted space in the shelves. Because the shelves were fixed and couldn’t be adjusted, there was a tendency to group items by size rather than by function. Flexible storage was high on the list of must-haves.

When pantry shelves are in a corner like this one, there can be wasted space in the shelves along the back wall – either you reach behind a shelving unit to get to the far right of shelves, or block off that space, which isn’t efficient.

Beautiful Pantry After Marco Makeover

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After the Marco Pantry Makeover: Look in the corner, and you’ll see a curved corner pantry shelving unit. This makes it easy to use every inch of storage space without twisting your wrist to reach behind a shelf. All of these new shelves are adjustable. Now, our happy customer can group similar items together, instead of wedging them into anyplace where there was room for them.

Our customer liked this so much that she’s added another shelf in each tower. This provides even more storage flexibility. All in all, her storage space has increased by 20%. She loves the new look, and says it’s more attractive, too.

But Wait – There’s More

Marco Closets offers many storage options for pantries. We have wine racks, pull out bins for vegetables, spice racks, drawers for storing food and seasonings, and even a 360-Degree Pantry Organizer. We can also install vertical dividers so that platters and cookie sheets can be stored and easily accessed when needed. The configuration options are nearly endless.

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