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Marco Makeover: She-Shed Tips from Bob Ross

Some people have used their time at home to explore their creative side. The allure of being a maker, a crafter or a budding Bob Ross has inspired many. One of our customers took this a new level by installing a Custom Craft Room from Marco Closets. With ample storage space for paints, scrapbooking paper and other supplies, this craft area has room to store supplies for every creative whim.

Closed cabinets create an organized look, keeping the appearance of clutter out of site. The flat workspace provides plenty of room to spread out projects in progress, without having to put everything away when creativity takes a coffee break.

With a custom craft room, there’s no more taking over the dining room table with projects in progress. Little hands that want to “help” can be politely shut out of creative spaces. There’s no more over-buying, because in an organized space like this, you’ll be able to see that you already have three bottles of Pleasant Plum acrylic paint.

Create Your Own She-Shed

Craft Room With SuppliesHaving a space like this can be your own equivalent of a She-Shed or Craft Cave, giving you a place to unwind and relax while doing something creative – with the door closed.

The only limit on what you can do with a custom craft room is your imagination. With lots of options for drawers in many sizes, pull out storage and adjustable shelves, it will be easy to make sense of your space.

Are you ready to start a new creative venture? Call today for your free quote: 402.778.5777. Design and measuring are always free.


Classy Closet Rods Rule

“Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like.” – Amy Collins

When you open your closet, do you look at how you hang your clothes? Do you like what you see?  We’re not talking about hangers, but about what the hangers rest on – the closet rods. If your closet rods are unattractive, scuffed or damaged, now’s the time to look for inspiration and an upgrade.

Marco Closets offers an array of closet rods in different shapes and finishes. There’s the classic round rod, an oval rod, and the new Signature rod, which is a textured rectangular rod. Signature and oval rods are available in polished or brushed chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, slate gray and matte gold. Round rods are available in matte gold, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed or polished chrome.

Make Your Closet A Special Place

Why should you care about the closet rod? If you’re like most people, at least half of the clothes in your closet are on hangers. Having an attractive closet rod sets the tone for your closet and for how you look at your wardrobe.  Beauty and functionality are all in the details – the small things are just as important as the bigger things. Classy closet rods elevate your closet design, and we think they help to elevate your outlook on life.

You know this from your own choices – the right accessory or accent can make anything – a room or your outfit – go from unremarkable to fabulous.

Our closet rods are just a few of the closet accessories we offer to make your closet someplace special. We have many options – such as closet islands, closed cabinets with glass doors, tilt-out laundry hampers, locking drawers and even a safe to store your valuables.

Closets are where you begin and end each day. Let Marco Closets make sense of your space with a closet rod worthy of your clothing, installed in a beautiful and functional closet.

Call Marco Closets for your free quote: 402.778.5777. Let’s get started on your closet makeover today!

Spring Dreaming

We’ve all had plenty of time to analyze our homes after weeks of semi-isolation. Now, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel as Directed Health Measures come to an end. It’s time for some Spring Dreaming. Since you’ve been thinking about it for several months, what would your home look like in a more perfect state? Marco Closets has plenty of storage ideas for that, and if you’re a repeat customer, you qualify for special pricing now through May 31, 2020.

Closet Makeover, Anyone?

Marco Closets is the exclusive distributor for the 360-degree organizer

360-Degree Closet Organizer

A closet makeover with shelves for shoes, drawers and adjustable hanging rods may be just what you need.You may also find that the 360-Degree Organizer would be a good way to maximize storage space. (Marco Closets is the exclusive local distributor for the 360-Degree Organizer.) Perhaps you’ve discovered that your mudroom area needs a makeover. These cabinets will make everything look neat and tidy – providing storage for off-season clothing and shoes. That sink could be a handy place to clean up after gardening or yard work.

Mudroom Makeover

Garage Storage Solution

And your garage? Think how much better it will look with shelves like this garage storage solution, and a workbench for those home repair projects. There’s even a space to store trash cans – they get their own parking spots.

If you need a closet where there isn’t one, you can make an Un-Closet like this wardrobe arrangement we made for a customer. Beautiful and functional, it features both hanging space and drawers for foldable clothing.

Un-Closet Wardrobe Solution

Lighting inside the glass cabinets is an available option, so your treasured handbag collection can be attractively displayed. These are just a few of our storage ideas that will help you make sense of your space.

Why call us? Marco Closets is a locally-owned business – not a franchise – and your continued support helps our local economy thrive! We’re committed to sourcing everything we use from local suppliers and from manufacturers in the United States. The support of those who’ve been our customers in the past is important to us, which is why we’re offering a 10% discount as a thank you to repeat customers now through May 31, 2020. Mention code LocalNow10 when you call us at 402.778.5777.

View our Gallery for more spring dreaming inspiration!

What’s In That Closet?d

Oh. My. Goodness. Now that we’ve all been home for several weeks and have had our routines upended, it’s time to take stock. What’s going on in the kids’ bedrooms?  How’s that home office working out for you? And what’s going on in the pantry? What’s working and not working? We have solutions for your new normal with everyone home. Helping you to make sense of your space is our specialty.

It could be time to help the kids to be more organized. Marco Closets has the perfect solutions for reach-in closets. Customizations can be made for the needs of each child. Better yet, adjustments can be made as children grow. With compartmentalized sections for hanging clothes, drawers, hampers and other custom elements, it’ll be easy for them to clean their rooms, and keep them looking neat.

Storage Solutions For Every Room

If your home office needs a makeover, we have a solution for that.  Cabinets for storing supplies and file cabinets that look like furniture will make your home office both efficient and attractive. Even if you can’t add a door to close off distractions, you can make a work area that that promotes efficiency and creates a comfortable working space.

Do you know what’s in your pantry? Are those bottles of water taking over the available space so that you can’t find the snacks? Marco Closets’ custom pantry solutions help you to organize your space so that everything is visible and accessible.

And if your garage has been crowded by your emergency supply of toilet paper and paper towels, we have custom garage storage solutions, too.

Browse our Gallery to find inspiration for solutions for your new normal. We are especially sensitive to the health of our customers and employees during this time. We’re following CDC Guidelines to ensure that you and your family are protected. Find out more here

Call today for your free quote: 402.778.5777. Let us remove some of the stress of everyone being at home by adding peace to your pantry, closets and home office.

We’re thankful to our repeat customers who allow us to keep our team working during this time!

Marco Makeover: Pantry With Adjustable Shelving

In this Marco Pantry Makeover, we expanded the storage space and made it more efficient, too. Our customer wanted her pantry to be more attractive. Take a look and see what you think.

Before: Though many things were stored here, there was wasted space in the shelves. Because the shelves were fixed and couldn’t be adjusted, there was a tendency to group items by size rather than by function. Flexible storage was high on the list of must-haves.

When pantry shelves are in a corner like this one, there can be wasted space in the shelves along the back wall – either you reach behind a shelving unit to get to the far right of shelves, or block off that space, which isn’t efficient.

Beautiful Pantry After Marco Makeover

Click to Watch Our Marco Makeover Video

After the Marco Pantry Makeover: Look in the corner, and you’ll see a curved corner pantry shelving unit. This makes it easy to use every inch of storage space without twisting your wrist to reach behind a shelf. All of these new shelves are adjustable. Now, our happy customer can group similar items together, instead of wedging them into anyplace where there was room for them.

Our customer liked this so much that she’s added another shelf in each tower. This provides even more storage flexibility. All in all, her storage space has increased by 20%. She loves the new look, and says it’s more attractive, too.

But Wait – There’s More

Marco Closets offers many storage options for pantries. We have wine racks, pull out bins for vegetables, spice racks, drawers for storing food and seasonings, and even a 360-Degree Pantry Organizer. We can also install vertical dividers so that platters and cookie sheets can be stored and easily accessed when needed. The configuration options are nearly endless.

We specialize in making sense of your space! Call today for your free quote: 402.778.5777.  Design and measuring are always free.


A Tale of Two Closets (With apologies to Charles Dickens)

It was the best of closet drawers, it was the worst of closet drawers.

Read more

Marco Makeover: Closets for Babies, Tweens & Teens

It’s never too early to learn to be organized. A custom closet can help kids learn to be organized by providing a space for everything. Then, kids can learn to put everything in its proper place. Custom closets for kids tweens & teens that can change as your children grow will help them learn to make sense of their space.

Custom Closets for Kids Tweens & Teens grow with your childrenTiny children have tiny clothes in their closets. In this custom closet, the smaller, shorter clothing provides space for as many as three rows of rods for hanging clothes. Wire baskets can make it easier for toddlers to know where to store their own clothes and toys. They can learn by example when they see where each item should be stored.

As children transition into the tween and teen years, a custom closet like this one can be modified to include more shelves and fewer hanging rods. Drawers for socks, shirts and underwear and even a mirror can be added.

Wire baskets can get an upgrade to fabric textures.  Or, baskets can easily be removed and additional storage space in the form of shelves can be added.

The modular design of a custom closet can change as children’s needs change. We have a wide range of closet accessories to customize closets to create an organized space.

There’s almost no limit to the options available. Call Marco Closets today at 402.778.5777. We offer free consultation, free design and measuring. We can create the perfect closet for your child – no matter what their age.

Ironing Boards Get A Makeover

The topic of ironing can be controversial. It’s a love-hate thing: Some people love a crisp, starched look. Others prefer to go with gentle wrinkles and a bright smile. One objection to ironing is inconvenience. Lugging around an ironing board can be a buzz-kill, no matter how much you like crisp shirts.

Marco has a solution for that – a fold-out ironing board that doesn’t need to be taken out of the closet. Why? Because it’s IN the closet. Meant for walk-in closets, our fold-out ironing board is kept out of place. There’s no big, heavy board to trip over. Installed in a closet drawer, it rotates 180 degrees. It features seven pre-set positions. It’s also compact, fitting into a space that’s 24 inches wide x 14 inches deep and 7 inches high.

When expanded, it’s 37 1/2 inches long and 13 3/4 inches wide. That’s big enough to iron any shirt or pair of slacks. It’s especially convenient for touch-ups, like an unexpected crease in a jacket or skirt.

This closet accessory has an added bonus: there are no ball bearings or slides, like you’d find on a regular ironing board. This means that your clothing won’t come into contact with grease or become pinched in the legs of the ironing board. Included is a heat-resistant cover.

Whether you love to iron or press clothing only when you feel you have to, the fold-out ironing board offers a convenient, space-saving solution. Call Marco Closets today at 402.778.5777 for a free consultation. Let us show you how you can make sense of your space with a custom closet built to match your dreams.

Marco Makeover: Closets Get the Midas Touch

Today’s fashionable, on-trend closet can now have a new set of accessories in matte gold.  Unlike the retro 1980s super-shiny brass finish, matte gold adds warmth and elegance to closet hardware. Since popular color palettes in home design today focus on warmer tones or crisp white, the matte gold look is the perfect complement to your decor. Read more

Marco Makeover: Garage Edition

Besides your car, what’s usually stored in your garage? And can you find it when you need it? Garages like this are candidates for a Marco Makeover. But when your garage looks like this, where do you even begin?

The first step is to de-clutter. Do you really need the stair-step high chair, or could you donate that to a thrift store, since your child has outgrown it? Read more