Marco Makeover: She-Shed Tips from Bob Ross

Some people have used their time at home to explore their creative side. The allure of being a maker, a crafter or a budding Bob Ross has inspired many. One of our customers took this a new level by installing a Custom Craft Room from Marco Closets. With ample storage space for paints, scrapbooking paper and other supplies, this craft area has room to store supplies for every creative whim.

Closed cabinets create an organized look, keeping the appearance of clutter out of site. The flat workspace provides plenty of room to spread out projects in progress, without having to put everything away when creativity takes a coffee break.

With a custom craft room, there’s no more taking over the dining room table with projects in progress. Little hands that want to “help” can be politely shut out of creative spaces. There’s no more over-buying, because in an organized space like this, you’ll be able to see that you already have three bottles of Pleasant Plum acrylic paint.

Create Your Own She-Shed

Craft Room With SuppliesHaving a space like this can be your own equivalent of a She-Shed or Craft Cave, giving you a place to unwind and relax while doing something creative – with the door closed.

The only limit on what you can do with a custom craft room is your imagination. With lots of options for drawers in many sizes, pull out storage and adjustable shelves, it will be easy to make sense of your space.

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