Marco Makeover: Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

You know that thing you’ve been putting off? Organizing the garage is a job most people dread. This task doesn’t usually make anyone’s top ten list of fun things to do. Marco Closets can make it easier, though, with a few garage storage solutions that we know will help you make sense of your space.

If you are short on floor space, look up. Most garages have open space above vehicle parking. This can give you lots of room for open shelving for totes and storage containers. What about those skis?  There’s even a storage rack for those with these garage storage solutions.

Wall storage can go far beyond shelves. Use our aluminum tracks with special clips and hooks to store all sorts of things. You can mount a bicycle, give your golf bag a lift or store tools with these handy garage accessories.

Looking for a space for hobbies? We have a solution for that. Our modular garage storage solutions allow for a workbench to be placed right where you want it.

Drawers aren’t only for tools and supplies. Our pull-out wire baskets can make it easy to know where that soccer ball went and keep sports equipment off the floor and neatly stored. A design like this really helps to make sense of your space.

Really, we can make your garage look like it had never been cluttered at all. Call 402.778.5777 today to find out what Marco Closets can do for you. We offer free consultation, free measuring and free design.

Looking for more storage inspiration? Take a look at our gallery page for ideas.

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