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The Invisible Support Option: Hidden Tilt Rods

White Painted Shutters With Center RodThe louvers do all the work on custom indoor shutters:  They move up and down to filter light, and must stay in place once adjusted.  A tilt rod is  the controller, moving the louvers to the desired position and keeping them there.

Many times, the tilt rod is in the center of the shutter panel. Easy to use, it’s also visible. It’s a classic look that is both functional and beautiful.

However, if your window has a wide sweeping view, you may wish the tilt rods were invisible. Marco Shutters has granted your wish with its invisible support option that uses a hidden tilt rod.

Invisible Support for Custom Indoor ShuttersWith this invisible support system, the hidden tilt rod has been moved from the front and center to the back and sides of each shutter panel, allowing the tilt bar stay out of sight. Marco’s superior construction includes special features that increase joint strength. They ensure that louvers stay at whatever tilt angle is set. Our shutters are built with our unique louver pins that eliminate tensioning.

Another advantage of hidden tilt rods is that it’s much easier to clean the louvers, since there’s no center rod to hinder dusting the shutter panel.

The hidden tilt rod is available on all styles of our custom indoor shutters – painted plantation shutters and stained plantation shutters. We offer louver in 2 1/2”, 3 1/2”, and 4 1/2” widths. We have a custom matching service for painted shutters. And, if stained shutters are your style, we can match wood species and stain to your specifications.

Order your custom shutters today. Call (402) 778-5818 now. Measuring and consultation are always free!

Lighten Up

After weeks of limited outside contact, our homes have become not only sanctuaries, but offices, gyms and school rooms. As we near the end of some of the Directed Health Measures, it’s time to lighten up.  Let us elevate your home decor with custom window coverings from Marco Shutters. Best of all, during the month of May, you may qualify for a special discount.

One popular way to lighten up is with painted wood indoor shutters like these, that allow light to come in while maintaining privacy. All Marco Shutters, whether stained or painted, have a hidden tilt rod that allows them to be effortlessly adjusted to control light.

Once you adjust the louvers to the perfect position, they stay in place without slipping or shifting. Because great style doesn’t just come in one size, Marco Shutters offers louvers in widths of 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5”. They are nearly maintenance-free and come with a 20-year warranty.

We can also lighten up your decor with transitional shades. These classic window coverings come in neutral sheer fabric on each side of colored vanes. Opened vanes gently veil light. When fully closed, the vanes diffuse light. Options are available for complete privacy with blackout material. Available in several colors and fabric choices, there is an option for nearly any color scheme.

Real wood blinds and faux wood blinds are also available to accent your decor in style. Wood blinds come in a variety of paints and stains and wood species.  Slat widths are available in 1″, 2″ & 2 1/2″ sizes, as well as cordless options. Solid or decorative cotton tapes are offered. And, they have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

As you can see, there are many ways to lighten up with our custom window coverings. But, why call us? Marco Shutters is a locally-owned business – not a franchise – and your continued support helps our local economy thrive! We’re committed to sourcing everything we use from local suppliers and from manufacturers in the United States. The support of those who’ve been our customers in the past is important to us, which is why we’re offering a 10% discount as a thank you to repeat customers now through May 31, 2020. Mention code LocalNow10 when you call us at (402) 778-5818.

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The White Direction

White Plantation Shutters can add direction to your home decor.  The white of the shutters instantly brightens a room. And, the shutter louvers direct light – adding more or less light as the situation requires.

White painted shutters invite you to look up. When painted the same shade as the window casing, shutters direct the eye up toward the ceiling, making a room look larger and more open.

Marco Shutters’ custom paint matching service ensures that there’s unity between the paint on your shutters and the tone of white used elsewhere in the room. We offer 15 shades of white in our standard color palette, too.

Shutters are crisp and clean from the outside, too.If you’re looking for a classic impression from both the exterior and the interior of your home, white shutters add a crisp and sophisticated look that’s always in fashion. Their uncluttered manners complement any style of interior decor without looking flashy or competing with your style.

And, white plantation shutters save energy, keeping out cold and summer sun, and making a room more comfortable by helping to maintain the ideal temperature. They direct more of your hard-earned money back into your wallet and away from higher utility bills.

Because our shutters have a 20-year guarantee, your wallet will be happy for years to come.

With louvers made of American hardwood, white plantation shutters add privacy. Adjustable louvers   and our hidden tilt rods allow for precise control. You can create your own retreat from the world by adding as much light and privacy as needed to create your own fortress of relaxation.

Because privacy and light control don’t come in just one size, Marco Shutters offers louvers in widths of 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5”.

There’s no reason to resist going in the direction of white plantation shutters. Call Marco Shutters today for your free quote: (402) 778-5818.

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The “Little Black Dress” of Home Décor

White painted shutters are the “little black dress” of home decor.  Their clean lines complement any color scheme. White doesn’t compete with other colors… it makes other colors pop. You might say that white painted shutters are like the best friend who always notices what you’re wearing and is generous with a compliment.

White plantation shutters are also classic – like the sheath dress that never goes out of style. Whether your home decorating style is Bold Monochromatic, Grand Millennial, Modern Farmhouse or Bold Black & White, white shutters are there to note their approval of your design choices. Unassuming and tasteful all at the same time, white painted shutters won’t clash with your style.

The Hidden Secret

Our shutters also have a secret – a hidden tilt rod that allows for them to be effortlessly adjusted to control light. This lift system is standard equipment on all of our shutters. Once you adjust them to the perfect position, the louvers stay in place without slipping or shifting. Because great style doesn’t just come in one size, Marco Shutters offers louvers in widths of 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5”.

Painted White ShuttersThe soothing properties of white come in many shades, which is why Marco Shutters offers 15 colors of white in their custom paint-matching arsenal. If you need a cool white or a warm white, one tinged with a bit of blush or a drop of blue, Marco can create the perfect shade of white for your decor.

Best of all, Marco Shutters require virtually no maintenance and have a 20-year guarantee.

Add the classic accent of painted white shutters to your home today. Call us for your free quote: (402) 778-5818 .

An Open View

If the light in a room needs to be just right, you can pull the drapes or raise the shade to adjust the view. If you have indoor shutters, you might be stuck with two options – open or closed. But, with Marco Shutters, you have endless control of the view. That’s because our hidden tilt rod provides effortless adjustment so that you can open the shades a little bit or a lot.

For privacy, this system can’t be beat. Tilting the louvers at just the right angle lets in the light you need. It still prevents prying eyes from seeing that you’re watching “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” for the fifth time.

Best of all, the hidden tilt rod is available on all of our shutters. Whether you are ordering bypass shutters for your patio door, shutters for wide windows, bay window shutters or sidelight shutters for your front door, this lift system is standard equipment. Once you adjust them to the perfect position, the louvers stay in place without slipping or shifting.

The classic look of Marco Shutters never goes out of fashion, whether they are painted or stained. Because they fit close to the window frame, they’re also effective insulators against cold drafts. Best of all, Marco Shutters require virtually no maintenance and have a 20-year guarantee.

Why wait? Consultation and measuring are free. Call (402) 778-5818 today and get the classic, adjustable look of Marco Shutters.

Peaceful Patio Doors

We’re fans of the crisp and clean look of custom bypass patio door shutters. With a track hidden behind trim at the top of your patio doors, the shutters will glide smoothly to open and close.

When you have our bypass patio door shutters, there aren’t any drapes to move out of the way. No cords to untangle just to get a breath of fresh air. There aren’t any vertical blinds that swing in your way. Whether you want them wide open or just moved slightly to one side, they’ll stay in place.

We take efficiency even further -hidden tilt bars allow for the louvers to be easily adjusted. Controlling the level of light and privacy is effortless.

If you have pets that yearn for the great outdoors… that have also ruined your drapes and blinds every time someone says, “Squirrel!” these patio shutters are for you. Made of American hardwoods, these shutters can’t be broken when Scruffy detects backyard prey. Cats and dogs won’t be able to stick their heads through the louvers with this sturdy solution.

Our shutters also have a lifetime guarantee and will retain their beauty for many years to come.

View our gallery for inspiration. Then, call us at (402) 778-5818. We offer free consultation and measuring. Add peace to your life with custom bypass patio door shutters.

From Almost to Just Right

A monochrome world would be a dreary place. That’s why Marco Shutters offers custom color matching for painted shutters. We will custom-match your painted shutters to your room’s color palette. Taking the guesswork out of color matching for window coverings is one of our specialties.

This opens wide the doors of creativity. No matter what the predominant color in your room, we can match it with the same color, or a complimentary or contrasting color. Really, your imagination is the limit when it comes to color choice for painted indoor shutters.

Some big box stores offer only three shutter paint options – pearl, white and cream. Others offer only white. Anyone who has ever tried to re-paint their white walls knows that there are dozens of shades of white – and it’s almost impossible to match on your own. Marco Shutters comes to the rescue to find the perfect shade for you. Classic white shutters and painted shutters – no matter what the shade – are a snap when you buy custom painted shutters from Marco Shutters.

Elegance, privacy and energy savings are the hallmarks of our custom indoor window shutters. Isn’t it nice to know you can also get them in any color? Look at our gallery for inspiration. Then, give us a call at (402) 778-5818 to set up your free consultation. Measuring is free, too.

The Story Behind the Shutters

If you think of Mint Juleps and Southern drawls when you hear the word “plantation”, you’re not wrong. Its Southern living we have to thank for Plantation Shutters. The subtropical climate of the southern United States with its heat and humidity created the need for window coverings that would allow for light filtration and air flow.

Despite the fact that Scarlett O’Hara had a dress made from drapes in Gone With The Wind, those heavy fabric window coverings fell out of favor. Thus, shutters became the method used to control light and ventilation. They were painted white to reflect the sun’s rays. Today, they can be found in nearly any color or stained in many species of wood.

Some shutters lore says that shutters were created in Ancient Greece and were originally made of marble, making shutters a sign of wealth or royalty. Other stories say that the Spaniards introduced shutters to the American South. However they came to be, we think they were an inspired idea.

What makes a shutter a Plantation Shutter? The wide slats are their hallmark. Traditional Shutters, predominantly used in the Eastern United States during Colonial times, have narrow slats. Most modern manufacturers make louvers in many widths. Marco Shutters offers louvers in widths of 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5”.

Today, an idea that originated hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ago is still one of your best choices for energy savings and light control. It’s clear that the efficiency of shutters has stood the test of time. Why not apply this ancient wisdom in your home?

We make our shutters in our own factory, not in the South, but in Papillion, Nebraska. Find a piece of American history and energy efficiency with our Custom Wood Plantation Shutters. Visit our Gallery to see the wide range of style in our product line. We offer free measuring and consultation. Call us today: (402) 778-5818.

The Wonders of White

White has mystical properties. It allows you to accent the texture of items in a room. It acts as a neutral balance for any color, and can act as a counterpoint to dark colors, providing contrast. Far from being a stark color, white can take on a warm feeling when paired with natural textures. Many say it’s the perfect choice for accenting any style – whether you are looking for classical, tropical, contemporary or formal design.

In these photos, we show white painted shutters lending an elegant air when paired with drapes. The arch-top window is a perfect example of classical design paired with contemporary furniture. Bypass shutter patio doors ad a crisp look to a kitchen with a walk-out patio. And finally, French Doors get an upscale look from white shutters.

One major paint manufacturer has 50 shades of white, but we focus on the top eight shades in our custom white palette.

Best of all – white  wood shutters are on sale now through February 15, 2019.  All painted white wooden shutters are 10% off. Select from our palette of eight custom white colors. Plan to order your shutters now. Call (402) 778-5818 today to set up your appointment. We offer free measuring and free consultation.