Plantation Shutters: The Energy Savers

This summer season has been a hot one – the first day of 100-degree weather was in May. In June, almost half of the month – fourteen days – registered a high temperature of 90 degrees or above! That’s a lot of heat – and most likely, a lot of energy dollars leaving your wallet. Read more

Arched Shutters: The Perfect Light Control Solution

A trending design element is the arch top window. Adding a classical air, arches have been a component of design for centuries.

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Light, Louvers, Action!

You may like the look of custom wood plantation shutters,  but wonder how they work. And, once you adjust the louvers, will they stay in place? Read more

Custom Paint Matching Enhances Your Decor

When you decorated your home, most likely you put a lot of thought into the color scheme and the atmosphere you wanted to create in each room. With our custom paint match service, Read more

Bring In the Sunshine

French Doors can be a beautiful addition to your home. Bringing the outdoors in, French Doors can be a bridge from a patio to a family room, or a basement to an outdoor recreation area. Read more

Bypassing Frustration

You love your sliding glass doors, but you want an attractive way to filter the light. Vertical blinds used to be a solution for this problem, but these often suffered broken vanes, making for an unattractive effect. Read more

Shutters Are A Cool Idea

The cost to cool or heat your home can be daunting when there are weather extremes. The record-breaking 100-degree heat we had this summer may have broken a few piggy banks. Read more